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Le Cesarine

A journey through sixteenth century flavours

Tezze sul Brenta / Veneto

La Cesarina

Gabriella is originally from Friuli, but has been living in Veneto a Tezze, a lovely town in the middle of the Vicentine countryside on the Brenta river, for over 40 years. Our Cesarina is particularly enamored with this area due to its proximity to art-filled cities such as Cittadella, Marostica, Bassano del Grappa, Possagno, Asolo and Castelfranco Veneto.

As a little girl Gabriella was already “fascinated by the aromas of the kitchen and by that great big pot hanging from a chain on top of the chimney”. As she grew up, our Cesarina began cooking for those close to her, relatives and friends, always searching for the real flavours of tradition. “My grandmother and aunts left me their recipe books filled with notes. That is where I found my authentic traditional recipes”.

The secret of the Cesarina
My grandmothers and aunts left me their recipe books filled with traditional recipes and notes.


  • Grilled soppressa cold-cut with seared Asiago cheese and toasted fried cornmeal mush
  • "Sopa Coada" (dish composed of layers of bread, parmesan cheese and pigeon)
  • Putana cake (dessert of stale bread soaked in milk, raisins, brandy, sugar and chocolate)

Refined selection of local wines


Gabriella has been recreating original recipes of the Veneto tradition for years, and the menu she offers us today is an authentic journey through the flavours that have marked the history of these lands. Beginning with the rich and sumptuous starter. 'Soppressa ai ferri', a typical cold-cut from the Vicentine province, is brought to the table. Our Cesarina garnishes this with Asiago cheese, a splash of vinegar, and toasted polenta.

To follow, a dish which owes its roots to the century-old Veneto region culinary traditions. According to some accounts, in fact, the recipe for “Sopa Coada” dates all the way back to 1500AD. Gabriella is particularly attached to this pigeon pie, which alternates layers of bread soaked in broth and meat and is enriched with parmesan cheese and herbs.

After this special dish we have “torta putana”, a dessert made of stale bread soaked in milk and a splash of grappa liquor, studded with raisins and covered in a delicious layer of chocolate.


  • Participate in dishes preparation

  • Vegetarian option

  • Wheelchair-accessible


Our customers says

"This was one our best experiences in Bologna. Our hosts, Gianni and Lorenza, were a well travelled and interesting couple about similar ages to ourselves. They also spoke perfect English, having lived in Canada for many years. Gianni taught us how to make tortellini from scratch which we ate with our meal. Gianni is a fine and the rest of the meal was excellent. Their place is an apartment in a medieval Palazzo which was well worth seeing on its own. We really enjoyed it."

J. Bliss

"Our dinner with Angela was the best experience of our visit to Rome. The food was delicious, and it was delightful to talk with Angela and her Mother about food, life in Rome, work, and the state of the world in general. This experience would have been impossible for us without Le Cesarine."

D. White

"We had a wonderfull lunch time with Tania (30 minutes outside from Bologna). She was an excellent host and very charming. We enjoyed her traditional courses (antipasti,strozzapretti con salsiccia, brasato al limone) very much and could highly recommend her. The atmosphere was very relaxed and it was easy to drive to her. We would come again."

J. Hüsser