Le Cesarine


  • Dried tomatoes with olive oil, garlic, parsley, olives and cheeses
  • Baked anelletti pasta
  • Grilled lamb
  • Mixed salad
  • Sicilian cannoli
  • Seasonal fruit

Refined selection of local wines


Rosa takes us through a journey of discovery through typical Sicilian cuisine, and all ingredients used are produced on her family farm. Rosa welcomes guests into her cottage with a starter of her own sundried tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, parsley, olives and cheeses. 

As a first course, Rosa brings to the table the baked anelletti, the typical Sicilian round pasta, enriched by the family produced ricotta cheese and hardboiled eggs. The culinary Experience continues with tasty grilled lamb, which is served with a refreshing mixed salad.  At the conclusion of this tour through the flavors of Sicily, you will enjoy the cannoli prepared with fresh daily-made ricotta cheese. Lastly, the sweetness of the delicious seasonal fruit kissed by the Sicilian sun.

To finish, we have one of the most delicious delicacies of Sicilian cuisine; 'cannoli'. These tube shaped rolls of fried pastry are filled with sweet ricotta, studded with chocolate chips, and garnished with orange peel. Rosa then treats us to a bowl of sunkissed fruit, fresh from the garden.


  • Wheelchair-accessible

  • Vegetarian option

"Tiny within the immensity of the wheat plain, overlooking the beautiful lake with crystalline water and the flourishing land dotted with cultivated fields and rich pastures". With this poetic portrayal, Giuseppe Tomasi of Lampedusa, in his book "Il Gattopardo", described Argivocale, the village in which we will meet Cesarina Rosa.

Located in the County of Monreale, Argivocale is the center of Sicily's breadbasket. Here, in a charming cottage, Rosa offers an authentic culinary Experience based on simple and traditional peasant dishes, to enjoy while immersed within a landscape of green prairies and crops that extend to the foot of Mount Jato, creating a kaleidoscope of colors. Our Cesarina will lead us to the rediscovery of typical Sicilian dishes created with excellent ingredients that originate exclusively from her agricultural-livestock family-owned farm.

The secret of the Cesarina
The ingredients for my dishes originate from the agricultural-livestock farm that I manage with my family.

Cesarine at home

This Cesarina is also available to organize a taste Experience at your accomodation

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