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Although it is not the most well-known dish, ‘mondeghili’ meatballs, which is in fact one of the great classics of Milanese cuisine, which is why Marcella decides to serve these for her starter: in fact, according to legend 'mondeghili' were first prepared during the Spanish domination of Lombardy, in the 16th Century. 

Next, our Cesarina serves a delicious thyme risotto with kale, nuts and Bitto, a Lombardo cheese with an aromatic aftertaste to complete this fantastic flavour combination. For the second course, quail with 'uva moscata' - a very delicate recipe that brings out the quail’s gamey flavour – accompanied with potato, celery and turnip purée.

To finish, Marcella loves serving a traditional Milanese dessert with an original touch: a panettone pudding with cocoa sauce. It’s absolutely sublime! 


  • Vegetarian option

  • Cesarina speaks English

  • Lunch and dinner

Marcella is a real food lover: «I have loved cooking since I was a little girl. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family of fantastic chefs; we often had guests at home and we really liked making dishes with top-of-the range products».

Our Cesarina’s passion led her to her current job: in fact, for many years Marcella was a food-stylist for advertising campaigns and videos and then, in 1999, decided to dedicate herself to working full-time in the food service industry.

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