Le Cesarine


  • Eggplant rolls with robiola cream and tuna
  • Pasta and potatoes with smoked buffalo provolone
  • Fried golden anchovies
  • Seasonal salad
  • Local orange slices
  • Crostata of seasonal fruits
  • Rucolino

Refined selection of local wines


Let’s be amazed by the typical Neapolitan culinary creations of our Cesarina Emanuela, starting with the mouth-watering eggplant rolls with robiola cream and tuna. The first course brings the ancient traditions of Neapolitan cuisine to the table:  pasta and potatoes with the typical smoked buffalo provolone.

Then comes a delicious second course: golden fried anchovies, a crisp, delicate fry of the most typical local fish. To go with the dish, an extremely fresh seasonal salad. Then it’s time for the local orange slices, succulent and sweet. To finish, a delicious crostata of seasonal fruits and rucolino from our Cesarina intone the last sweet note of this lunch in the shadow of Vesuvius.


  • Participate in meal preparation

  • Wheelchair-accessible

  • Vegetarian option

Nestled in the gulf, Naples wakes up to views of its splendid sea every day. The same sea which the large, green balcony of our Cesarina's house overlooks, and which offers a breathtaking panorama.

The house where Emanuela is hosting us is spacious, furnished with traditional, refined in taste and flooded with light. Emanuela’s passion for the culinary arts goes back to when she was still a small child, peeking into “mama’s" kitchen. Our Cesarina is a clever mosaic: her intuition for the accompaniments and perfect combinations has made her an expert ​​in the art of preparing good food: flavors and fragrances are skillfully put together to tell the history and traditions of her region.

The secret of the Cesarina
My ability to be like a ‘mosaic’ can be seen in the perfect combinations of my dishes

Cesarine at home

This Cesarina is also available to organize a taste Experience at your accomodation

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