Le Cesarine


  • Toma
  • Salami of Turgia
  • Rubatà breadsticks of Chieri
  • Zucchini in carpione
  • Green frittata
  • Bagna cauda
  • Meat broth
  • Bonèt
  • Gianduja liqueur

Refined selection of local wines


Luisa serves up the rich flavors of the Piedmontese cuisine. We start off with toma, a savory cheese made in small cheese factories in the Lanzo Valleys, served with salami from Turgia, a typical product made from beef and lard. Alongside are 'Rubatà' breadsticks from Chieri, perhaps the most famous Piedmontese product. Luisa reveals that the real breadstick of Turin in dialect is called “rubatà”, meaning “rolled”, as they are made by rolling pieces of dough out long and thin with the palms of the hand. There are also zucchini in 'carpione' and a frittata of seasonal vegetables.

As a main course, a classic plate Piedmontese dish: the bagnacauda, a garlic and anchovy sauce with fresh vegetables and boiled potatoes. Next, a rich and steaming mixed 'bollito misto', made up of different cuts of beef, veal, pork and chicken. This is served with a either 'green' or 'red' sauce, with a base of anchovies, parsley and tomato sauce. The dish is served with bread soaked in milk, and is followed by a traditional broth to aid digestion.

The Taste Experience ends on a sweet note, with 'bonèt', a pudding made with eggs, milk, amaretto biscuits and cocoa, served with a gianduja liqueur.


  • Participate in meal preparation

  • Wheelchair-accessible

  • Vegetarian option

  • Pet-friendly home

We meet Luisa the Cesarina in Caselle, a little municipality not far from Turin, situated on the left shore of the Stura di Lanzo river; Luisa welcomes us to illustrate the excellences and the typical dishes of her land, such as the excellent cheeses made in little cheese factories and in mountain communities in the Lanzo Valleys.

Our Cesarina guards the authentic secrets of one of the most various and cherished cuisine of our country: the Piedmontese wine and food tradition offers in fact sturdy plates, with strong flavors, which comes from the ancient farming customs but, at the same time, can be rich in elegance and refinement.

The secret of the Cesarina
A proper "rubatà" needs to be prepared just with water, flour and a pinch of yeast.

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Cesarine at home

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