Le Cesarine


  • Canapès lucchesi
  • Pasta intordellata
  • Rovelline lucchesi
  • Frissaglia
  • Oven roasted potatoes
  • Buccellato di Lucca

Refined selection of local wines


This journey through traditional Tuscan flavours begins with a rich starter of Lucca-style crostini, exquisite homemade bread is toasted and soaked in chicken stock, then topped with a smooth paste of locally-sourced chicken liver, capers, onion, anchovy fillets and olive oil.

For the first course, Antonietta serves pasta ‘intordellata’ or ‘stortellata’, homemade pasta similar to tortelli pasta parcels, served in a meat, ricotta and chard ragù sauce. Next, we have ‘rovelline’, which are fillets of breaded and fried beef fillets, served with a tomato, garlic, sage, caper and origano sauce. She then serves ‘frissaglia’, an abudance of colour. Yellow courgette flowers stand out against the vivid greens of runner beans and chard, dotted with red tomato and onion. This is accompanied by a mountain of roast potatoes.

Finally, it’s time for the ‘buccellato’, Lucca’s trademark dessert, which has a characteristic donut shape. Carefully prepared by Antionetta’s expert hands, this dessert is delightfully fragrant thanks to a special ingredient… a carefully guarded family secret!


  • Participate in meal preparation

  • Wheelchair-accessible

  • Vegetarian option

  • Pet-friendly home

Antonietta was born and raised in a land full of distinctive flavours and colours, where the Apuane Alps meet the Appenines, called the Garfagnana. This area has a strong sense of identity that is reflected in its simple, honest and incredibly flavoursome food.

Antonietta’s Taste Experience takes you on an immersive journey where you can discover the joys of Tuscan cuisine through her own family traditions. Our Cesarina is proud to tell her story, and how her love of cooking grew from her family life. Traditional local recipes have formed a tangible bond between Antonietta, her mother and grandmother. Antonietta’s loves preparing humble classics, and every course is prepared with her heart and soul. And of course, she ensures to use only the finest local produce. Just like her cooking philosophy, Antonietta’s table is simple and homely, but always prepared with the utmost care.

The secret of the Cesarina

Cesarine at home

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