Le Cesarine


• Salviata (sage omelette)
• Carabaccia Florentine Style
• Cuttlefish in zimino with Swiss chard
• Salt cod with leeks
• Wild herbs
• Lattaiolo

Refined selection of local wines


Claudia's dishes are of the ancient Florentine culinary tradition. This culinary voyage starts with a delectable appetizer, a 'salviata', which is a small omelette made with milk, eggs and sage leaves freshly picked from the kitchen garden. Next, a Florentine-style 'carabaccia', a delicious onion soup, whose distinctive taste originates from the ancient Medici recipe that includes almonds and cinnamon among its ingredients.

As a second course, we have a typical Tuscan dish: cuttlefish in 'zimino' with Swiss chard; the word "zimino" refers to the herb sauce used during cooking. The cuttlefish is followed by salt cod, prepared according to a precious family recipe: cooked with leeks and sprinkled with fresh chopped parsley at the end. The wild herbs that a local lady grows on her farm and sells at the local market of Santo Spirito are added as a side dish.

The sweet ending to the meal consists one last family recipe: 'lattaiolo', a type of milk-based custard, from the ancient Tuscan pastry school.


  • Participate in meal preparation

  • Vegetarian option

  • Cesarina speaks English

Claudia lives in the neighborhood of Santo Spirito in Oltrarno, a characteristic Florentine neighborhood of artisans, furniture restorers and antique dealers, rich in history and tradition.

The ancient palace dating to the 1700s, where her home is located, has retained its popular atmosphere: the architecture of this building is that of old-fashioned Florentine homes, with wooden ceilings, Tuscan terracotta floors and a romantic little terrace overlooking a picturesque courtyard. Claudia's love for traditional cuisine was born when she was a child, when she used to watch her grandparents and mother cooking.

The secret of the Cesarina
The recipes of my family originate from the culinary tradition of Renaissance Florence

Cesarine at home

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