Le Cesarine


  • Summer vegetable carpaccio with roquette and pine nuts
  • Tortelloni pasta with a ricotta and spinach filling, served in sage butter
  • Cotoletta ‘alla petroniana’
  • Friggione alla bolognese
  • Gelato with a reduction of Modena balsamic vinegar

Refined selection of local wines


We begin this Taste Experience with a fresh antipasto; summer vegetable carpaccio, topped with roquette and pine nuts.

For the first course, Leda and Giuseppina serve delicious tortelloni, homemade fresh egg pasta with a ricotta and spinach filling. They are served in a simple butter and sage leaf sauce. Next, we have ‘cotoletta alla petroniana’, otherwise known as ‘alla bolognese’. A fillet of veal is breaded and fried, and is topped with Parma ham and Parmigiano cheese shards whilst still in the pan. The heat melts it all together into an absolutely delicious dish. On the side, we have another staple of Bolognese cuisine, the ‘friggione’. This is a sauce made with white onion and peeled tomatoes, which is slow-cooked for a decadently creamy consistency.

For dessert, Leda and Giuseppina serve gelato ‘alla crema’ with a balsamic vinegar reduction drizzled over the top. This is an unexpected but delicious touch that rounds off the Taste Experience perfectly.


  • Participate in meal preparation

  • Wheelchair-accessible

  • Vegetarian option

Leda and Giuseppina welcome us into their beautiful apartment just outside the walls of Bologna. Their home is full of art and antique furniture that Leda’s parents collected over the years. The walls are also decorated with Leda’s own artwork, as she loves to paint on her summer holidays, which she usually spends in Greece.

Their passion for cooking spans back to childhood, when they would help their grandmothers make the Sunday lunch, a time of the week when the whole family comes together around the table. Their mothers, and shelves of cookery books have also helped Leda and Giuseppina to hone their skills. They both work in a medical research laboratory, and their professions have led them to contribute to publications that encourage healthy eating.

The secret of the Cesarina

Cesarine at home

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