Le Cesarine


  • Curly salad with rennet and Alpeggio cheese
  • Crostini alla Cavour
  • Piedmontese agnolotti with butter and sage
  • Spinach or artichoke flan with Castelmagno cream
  • Bonet
  • Tegola

Refined selection of local wines


In the rich culinary tradition of Piedmont, some famous and tasty cheeses stand out; one example being alpeggio cheese, which Milena uses to add flavor to a curly salad with juliennes of rennet to start off her Taste Experience. She completes this delicious antipasto with 'crostini caldi alla Cavour': rye bread with mountain butter and a soft cream of chicken livers, onion, capers and anchovies.

For the first course, agnolotti with butter and sage, a typical local delicacy: a casing of fresh pasta is filled ​​with roast veal, cooked sausage and cabbage. To continue with the home-cooked traditions, a delicate flan (with spinach or artichoke) is served with a  Castelmagno cream, an ancient cheese variety, typical of few towns of Cuneense.

To finish, Milena proposes bonet, a dessert made ​​from soft amaretti and chocolate on a bed of caramel, decorated with roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, accompanied by "tegola" a typical dry pastry wafer, famous in South Piedmont and Val d'Aosta.


  • Vegetarian option

Milena gets in touch with her Asti roots through the flavours and recipes of her Taste Experience, which show the best of the Piedmontese tradition. 

Milena has taken great pleasure in making food since her childhood, which she spent helping her grandmother in the kitchen. Whether she was preparing garlic and parsley lard, or slicing almonds to set in caramel, Milena has been honign her cooking skills from a very young age. She has continued to refine her skills over time, and today her house near the river Po opposite Corso Moncalieri is always full of friends and colleagues who share her love of good food. 

The secret of the Cesarina
I get in touch with my Asti roots through the flavors of my authentically Piedmontese dishes

Cesarine at home

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