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Genovese focaccia is so much more than than a traditional dish. It's such a symbol, a flag of this city. That's the reason why Francesca serves Genovese focaccia for her starter, together with some appetizing Sant'Olcese salami, taggiasche olives and 'formaggetta di stella'.

After this, our Cesarina serves a typical kind of Ligurian pasta - called 'gasse' - which is flavoured with peas, or, alternatively, a delicious rice 'in cagnone' with courgettes. As second course, a very light recipe: a fresh vegetable tart, served with a traditional side dish, 'Condigiun dell’orto’, which is green beans, potatoes and tomatoes.

Let’s not forget about the dessert! Francesca's prepares an amazing apple and 'prescinseua' pie; 'prescinseua' is a a typical cheese of the Province of Genova that leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste that works perfectly with the sweet fruit. It’s an absolute delight for all the senses!


  • Wheelchair-accessible

  • Vegetarian option

  • Pet-friendly home

  • Dinner only

Our Cesarina Francesca lives in a cosy modern building situated in the hills of Albaro, a residential neighborhood in Genova. This area, until 19th Century, was full of vegetable gardens, which were really important for supplying the city’s port, which is nearby.

Francesca's home is modern and full of light. Our Cesarina takes great care of the decorations of her dinner table: traditional tablecloths and fresh-cut flowers from her own garden are always present. A perfect setting for a perfect cuisine! 

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