Le Cesarine


  • “Borlenghino”, Parmigiano shavings and frittata with onions and aged balsamic vinegar
  • Dadolini in broth (In summer: Tortellacci di ricotta with butter
  • Aunt Santina’s Crescentine della zia Santina with stewed pork ribs and local salami
  • Taglioline cake

Refined selection of local wines


Together with Marisa, we undertake a voyage to discover the food of her land. We start with the antipasto: an example of the simple and frugal culinary tradition of her mountains. Borlenghi are a kind of thin, crunchy crêpe that Marisa offer us topped with parmesan shavings and a frittata with onions, seasoned with aged balsamic vinegar. Next is a first course, dadolini (small cubes) in broth made by hand from a butter, flour, parmigiano and nutmeg-based dough. In the summertime, the menu changes to 'tortellacci', stuffed pasta stuffed with ricotta and cooked in butter.

The second course follows, a flourless recipe that Marisa inherited from her aunt Santina, the typical Crescentine (Chersèinte), served together with stewed pork ribs and local salami. Finally, the delicious taglioline cake whose aromatic almond dough is enriched with chocolate, Sassolino liquor from Modena and star anise.


  • Participate in meal preparation

  • Vegetarian option

Guiglia, known as “the balcony of Emilia” lies in a stupendous panoramic position, and Marisa’s house looks out over this enchanting panorama.

Marisa was born in Belgium, where she grew up cradled by the stories that her parents, who came from Pavullo del Frignano, told her about Italy. At the age of 22, Marisa decided to leave to find her roots once again: that journey brought her to the place where she now lives, in Guiglia. Here, our Cesarina has got to know the local cuisine, which in turn helped her to appreciate the values of her mountain and of her family. Marisa’s journey is ours too: together with her, we discover its mountains and we once again find its authentic history in the simple foods of its table.

The secret of the Cesarina
In Guiglia I got to know the local cuisine and the values of my mountain

Cesarine at home

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