Le Cesarine


  • Bruschetta with tomatoes
  • Grandma’s crostini with aubergine
  • Spianata flatbread
  • Tortelli pasta filled with home-made ricotta, topped with seasonal herbs and tomatoes
  • Fried chicken legs served on a bed of salad or radicchio
  • Oven-roasted potatoes with pancetta and rosemary
  • Tartaro cake
  • Homemade jams (accompanied by fresh ricotta prepared on the spot)

Refined selection of local wines


The most important part of Mara's Taste Experience is the use of local ingredients, straight from earth to plate. She carefully selects the produce that she uses with her husband Alfredo. 

The menu is made up of recipes handed down from generation to generation, beginning with the antipasto: bruschetta with tomatoes and the crostini toasts that her grandmother used to make, topped with aubergine, tuna, and mayonnaise. Alongside, we have baked 'spianata' flatbread, whose dough contains lard, coarse salt and rosemary.

As a first course: tortelli pasta with seasonal herbs and tomatoes. The tortelli are filled with delicious homemade ricotta, parmigiano and wild herbs. 

Next, the second course dishes: fried chicken legs served on a bed of salad or radicchio with fried chicken pieces accompanied by roast potatoes scattered with pancetta and rosemary. 

To finish, a Tartaro cake, made from a dough made with flour, eggs, almonds, whipped butter and egg whites. However, Mara's home-made jam from her own orchard is the star ingredient - every year she makes huge batches of jam with her figs, apricots, strawberries and peaches. What a treat! 


  • Participate in meal preparation

  • Wheelchair-accessible

  • Vegetarian option

  • Cesarina speaks English

Born in Romagna, Mara safeguards a culinary tradition that was perpetuated among the women in her family from generation to generation; her knowledge grew when Mara met the mother of her husband Alfredo, like her an authentic “Romagnola”, who left her recipe notebooks and the customs of the Forlì tradition to her.

Mara and her husband Alfredo are a harmonious couple that loves to share their love for good cuisine. Within the family, the tasks are shared equally in their two homes in Forlì, one of which is the old Lepora farm, both tied to the nobile ancestry of the family. While Mara is busy at the burners, “there where the passion is always alive”, Alfredo receives the guests, and her daughter Anna and her fiancé Enzo set the table exquisitely.

The secret of the Cesarina
My husband’s mother wrote all her recipes in a notebook that was passed on to me

Cesarine at home

This Cesarina is also available to organize a taste Experience at your accomodation

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