Le Cesarine


  • Black vinsanto croutons, typical pecorini cheeses, and home made jams.
  • 'Ribollita' soup
  • Rabbit 'all’Etrusca' with gratinéed polenta slices
  • Senese pinolata cake with custard cream

Refined selection of local wines


We begin this Taste Experience dedicated to the Senese tradition with a rich and succulent starter. Emanuela serves delicious dark 'vinsanto' (type of sweet white wine) croutons, along with a plate of pecorini, typical cheeses, and home-made jams.

We continue with 'ribollita', a dish of rural origins well-known all over Tuscany. As the name (that literally translates as 're-boiled') tells us, this bread and vegetable soup is boiled twice in order to give it even more flavour. For the second course, our Cesarina chooses delicious rabbit 'all’Etrusca' with gratinéed polenta slices. A glass of wine and black olives are poured over the meat during its browning, making the end result truly sumptuous.

To finish, dessert. Emanuela serves a Senese 'pinolata' with custard cream, a soft cake made with shelled pinenuts. This delicious dessert is the ideal ending to the Taste Experience.


  • Participate in meal preparation

  • Vegetarian option

Emanuela lives in Siena, a wonderful city which lies on the Tuscan hills, but was born and raised in an old farm outside the town. This is where she learned to cook since she was a little girl, thanks to both her grandmothers’ lessons, from which taught her the foundations of traditional Tuscan dishes.

In her apartment at the gates of the city we can taste the typical flavours of the regional cuisine: from wild game dishes, particularly appreciated by our Cesarina, to cheeses, with all the products of a land both prosperous and sweet in between. Delicious ingredients which Emanuela combines into true masterpieces.

The secret of the Cesarina
My recipies? They’re my grandmothers’ heritage: they taught them to me when we lived on the farm in the country

Cesarine at home

This Cesarina is also available to organize a taste Experience at your accomodation

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