Le Cesarine


• Omelette with ricotta, dried tomatoes, homemade loaves of bread with oil and oregano
• Ricotta and marjoram ravioli with cavatelli in pork sauce
• Pork stew with potatoes
• Seasonal salad
• Mpanatigghi
• Modica chocolate sweets

Refined selection of local wines


This journey through traditional Sicilian countryside cuisine begins with a flavoursome ricotta omelette with intense sundried tomatoes, with carefully homemade bread with olives and origano. 

For the first course Giovanna serves an original and inviting combination. Delicate ricotta and marjoram ravioli with cavatelli pasta in a pork sauce. These tapered strips of egg pasta are soaked in wine while cooking, adding rich layers of flavour. 

For the second course, Giovanna opts for a trusted family favourite; succent pork stew with roast potatoes and seasonal salad. 

This triumph of flavor continues into the dessert - first, thanks to a tray of mpanatigghi, a traditional confection in the shape of ravioli, baked with a chocolate, almond, and cinnamon filling. To follow are several chocolate sweets of Modica, a traditional product of the area that has its roots in the times of Spanish rule and unites the flavor of cocoa with the tastes of cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, or chili.

The celebration of local flavours continues with a selection of desserts. A tray of delicious 'mpanatigghi', traditional ravioli-shaped pastries baked with a chocolate, almond and cinnamon filling. Next, a variety of chocolate sweets with cinnamon, vanilla, ginger or chili. These come from nearby Modica, harking back to times of Spanish rule over Sicily. In Modica, chocolate is traditionally prepared at very low temperatures for a granular texture and intense flavour.


  • Participate in meal preparation

  • Wheelchair-accessible

  • Vegetarian option

  • Pet-friendly home

Giovanna welcomes us in Modica, a town not far from Ragusa. It's a charming town rich with history and immersed in the typical atmosphere of inland Sicily.

Our Cesarina guides on a journey through the flavors of this land, the flavors she fell in love with as a child. "My curiosity for folk traditions arose in the countryside as a child, when I was learning the recipes of the past. I watched my grandmother and other women in fascination as, with very simple ingredients, they succeeded at creating delicious dishes. I decided to feed my passion, thus beginning a journey through the ancient flavors of the tradition." They are the same flavors she brings to the table today, in a triumph of dishes as beautiful as they are delicious.

The secret of the Cesarina
Marjoram is my aromatic herb of choice - it infuses a note of delicacy into every dish.

Cesarine at home

This Cesarina is also available to organize a taste Experience at your accomodation

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