Le Cesarine


• Veal Tonnato made old-fashioned way
• Plin Ravioli with gravy
• Braised meat in red wine
• Sweet and sour onions
• Peach Melba with amaretto cookies

Refined selection of local wines


The Taste Experience offered by our Cesarina is based on the ingredient par excellence of the Piedmont tradition. The appetizer provides a clue: Mirella brings the Veal Tonnato to the table, made the old-fashioned way, a dish that is the pride of local cuisine. The meat, cooked over low heat and flavored with white wine, is then covered in a mayonnaise sauce enriched with celery and carrots, for a tender and delicious result.

The choice for a first course is, on the other hand, the Plin Ravioli with gravy, irregular egg pasta shapes with a delicate flavor. The second course is braised meat in red wine, a dish as delicious to enjoy, as it is time-consuming to prepare. The meat is marinated with red wine and spices, before being slow-cooked for several hours. This recipe is one of the most popular and representative of the Piedmont tradition, and is made from a local cattle breed, the Fillone. As a side dish, Mirella offers 'sweet and sour' onions prepared with a sugar and balsamic vinegar dressing.

Finally, a Peach Melba with amaretto cookies, a fruit-based dessert made by baking peaches in sugar and crumbling almond cookies over the top.


  • Participate in meal preparation

  • Vegetarian option

Mirella is originally from Sicily, but has lived in Turin for many years and, over time, has absorbed all the traditions of the area. Our Cesarina, in fact, has fully embraced the culture of Piedmont, also falling in love with its culinary aspect. Now she has learned the secrets of the local cuisine by heart, a cuisine famous for the quality and authenticity of its products. Without forgetting the great variety of menus, in turn influenced by the richness of landscapes: from the hills to the lakes, from the mountains to the plains.

The home of our Cesarina is located a few steps from the beautiful Valentino Park, one of the largest and most fascinating green areas of Turin. Mirella is ready to welcome us in a refined and well-appointed home to begin a journey through the flavors of the area.

The secret of the Cesarina
I cultivate my passion every day. I am always looking for new recipes and I love playing with flavors of the past.

Cesarine at home

This Cesarina is also available to organize a taste Experience at your accomodation

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