Le Cesarine


  • Sliced polenta with cotechino salami and spinach
  • Cheese biscuits enriched with locally-sourced chestnut honey 
  • Homemade chestbut tagliatelle in butter, sage and pancetta
  • "Usilì scapacc", rolled pork loin with sage and pancetta, seared in butter
  • Polenta di Storo 
  • Sautéed Catalogna chicory 
  • Walnut cake served with mascarpone cream 

Refined selection of local wines


Polenta is one of the most representative dishes of the Lombardian Alps: Marilena serves it as antipasto, combining its flavour with a local ‘cotechino’ and adding spinach. The starter is completed by a selection of cheese biscuits drizzled with local chestnut honey.

After that, we have a very special first course: some delicate homemade chestnut tagliatelle served in melted butter, sage and bacon. For the second course, instead, our Cesarina serves 'Usilì scapacc', delicious rolled pork loin with sage and bacon baked into the butter. On the side, we have  'catalogna saltata’ served with another kind of polenta, this time made with 'storo’ flour.

Finally, a tasty nut cake garnished with mascarpone cream: a wonderful dessert!


  • Participate in meal preparation

  • Vegetarian option

  • Pet-friendly home

Marilena lives in Lodrino, a lovely and quiet village immersed in the forests of the mountains of the province of Brescia. For our Cesarina, cooking is a passion: «I love taking my time to prepare my dishes. I deliberately avoid packaged products and I always try to cook from scratch using raw materials». A truly natural method, which makes her culinary creations healthy for both the body and the mind.  

The secret of the Cesarina
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Cesarine at home

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