Le Cesarine


  • Zucchini in tuna sauce
  • Green Rabaton
  • “Alla Marengo” chicken
  • Greengrocer’s salad of Tanaro
  • Baci di Dama with Moscato sauce
  • Moscato sauce with strawberries of Tortona

Refined selection of local wines


The menu opens with a typical local speciality: tuna sauce, which our Cesarina accompanies with zucchini; a simple but rich appetizer. The tone of the farming traditions carry on in the first course, which originated in the fields. This is green 'rabaton', little meatballs full of baked vegetables. Fresh ricotta cheese holds them together, and they are full of lively and fresh flavours. 

Next, a nod to Napoleon. The chicken “alla Marengo” in fact takes its name from the historical gain of the French warlord, and is a typical dish in Piedmont. The flavour combinations are very varied: the meat is infused with the flavour of fresh water shrimp and white wine. As a side dish, Aurelia serves a greengrocer’s salad from Tanaro, an ancient recipe that combines tuna with sweet leeks, hard-boiled eggs and a creamy robiola cheese.

Lastly, a typical Piedmontese dessert: the “baci di Dama” in Moscato sauce, half spheres of dark chocolate shortcrust pastry, accompanied by fresh strawberries from Tortona, a very local speciality.


  • Vegetarian option

  • Pet-friendly home

Aurelia was born and grown up in Friuli, but soon she decided to move to Piedmonte, on the traces of the past of her family. In fact, she arrived at Alessandria, the place where her mother went from, and that became land of adoption also for our Cesarina. A city that literally fascinated Aurelia, enchanting her with centuries of history given from architecture, especially from the ancient palaces of the 1700s.

This history reflects also in the local traditional cuisine, assimilated by our Cesarina step by step, dish after dish, in a journey through the past of her family and these zones. In fact, on her table are never missing the typical elements of Piedmontese cuisine, this one born from the intersection the of two different cultures of the territory: the noble one from Casa Savoia, and the poor but sturdy one from the farming reality.

The secret of the Cesarina
On my table both my family recipes and dishes from the Piedmontese traditions met

Cesarine at home

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