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Le Cesarine

The flavors of the Murgian plains

Fasano / Puglia

La Cesarina

Fasano is a small city in the province of Brindisi located in a picturesque stretch along the coast in which farming fields alternate with rolling hills, punctuated by vast expanses centuries-old olive trees.

Our Cesarina Gina has built her life around this splendid little city kissed by the sea. Fasano's geographic location allows for the production of excellent raw materials, the ingredients of some of the most widespread typical dishes of the area. The rediscovery of the ancient manor farms and the traditions inherited from the ancient farming culture have made this location unequalled in both flavors and beauty.

The secret of the Cesarina
The "lianaro" is the typical rolling pin with grooves that I use for preparing my homemade pasta.


  • Fave a Nasidde (fava beans mixed with zucchini or chicory tips)
  • Checuzze alla poveredde (fried zucchini with fresh mint and garlic)
  • Mint frittata and bread
  • Olives (in water, salted, with hot pepper, but also “lime-cured” with wild fennel)
  • Olive oil tarallini
  • Friselline with Queen’s tomatoes
  • Lianare painted with a ragout of pork and veal meatballs and colt and veal “chops”
  • Roast lamb “Tianedda”
  • Potatoes and lampascioni
  • Almond spumetti and croccantini

Refined selection of local wines


From the very north of the province of Brindisi, among the gentle plains that slope gently down to the Adriatic Sea, Gina's traditional cuisine boasts dishes full of opulent flavors and sumptuous aromas; this is certainly the case with the dishes served by Gina for her Taste Experience.

Let’s start with a rich antipasto from the land: 'fave a Nasidde' (fava beans cooked in herbs and then mixed with zucchini or chicory tips), 'checuzze alla poveredde' (fried zucchini with fresh mint and garlic) mint frittata and olive bread. In addition, olive oil 'tarallini' breadsticks and the typical 'friselline' accompanied by pomodori della Regina (queen’s tomatoes). Next come the lianare "painted with ragout”, an unusual pasta shape served with a ragout of little meatballs and colt and lamb chops.

As a second course, Gina will present a roast lamb "tianedda" accompanied by patatoes and lampascioni, a characteristic type of wild onion that grows spontaneously on uncultivated lands.

This Taste Experience is topped off with some typical cookies: soft almond spumetti and robust crunchy croccantini.


  • Participate in dishes preparation

  • Cesarina speaks English


Our customers says

"This was one our best experiences in Bologna. Our hosts, Gianni and Lorenza, were a well travelled and interesting couple about similar ages to ourselves. They also spoke perfect English, having lived in Canada for many years. Gianni taught us how to make tortellini from scratch which we ate with our meal. Gianni is a fine and the rest of the meal was excellent. Their place is an apartment in a medieval Palazzo which was well worth seeing on its own. We really enjoyed it."

J. Bliss

"Our dinner with Angela was the best experience of our visit to Rome. The food was delicious, and it was delightful to talk with Angela and her Mother about food, life in Rome, work, and the state of the world in general. This experience would have been impossible for us without Le Cesarine."

D. White

"We had a wonderfull lunch time with Tania (30 minutes outside from Bologna). She was an excellent host and very charming. We enjoyed her traditional courses (antipasti,strozzapretti con salsiccia, brasato al limone) very much and could highly recommend her. The atmosphere was very relaxed and it was easy to drive to her. We would come again."

J. Hüsser