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Le Cesarine

The flavours and sights of Piano Vetrale

Piano Vetrale - Orria / Campania

La Cesarina

Cristina lives in Piano Vetrale, a little town near Salerno, right in the centre of the national park, Cilento. The beauty of the place has attacted artists from far and wide for over 40 years to paint the walls of the houses, and now there are over 100 murals of varying themes – from everyday life to fantasy, which make this little town feel like an open-air museum.

As a life-long food lover, this Cesarina delights in every moment of cooking. She loves to learn new recipes, but will always remain faithful to her cherished family favourites from her childhood. Out of three sisters, Cristina was always the keenest cook, and would delight in preparing time-consuming delicacies such as ‘bancharelli’. She’s proud to keep these traditions alive, and sees it as an art form, which keeps the colours, scents and flavours of Cilento’s history alive – it’s important to her to preserve the specialties of this Mediterranian cuisine alive.

The secret of the Cesarina
Art, colours and nature, for me, are the three most important sources of inspiration both in life and in cooking.


  • Salami and cheese tasting board
  • Stuffed aubergines
  • Grilled courgettes and aubergines
  • Traditional Cilentan produce preserved in oil and vinegar
  • Homemade gnocchi with pumpkin flowers
  • Pork stew (made with neck, shoulder and pancetta in a tomato sauce) 
  • 'Ciambotta' (sautéed potato, aubergine and peppers)
  • Scaoratieddi (sweet pastries)

Refined selection of local wines


We begin this Taste Experience with a selection of typical local antipasti: a cheese and salami board with molegnama mbottonate (juicy stuffed aubergines), fried courgette flowers, and grilled aubergine and courgette slices. You can also enjoy Cristina’s special jars of vegetables preserved in vinegar and oil.

Next, Cristina serves cavatieddi, small handmade gnocchi with delicate courgette flowers, a homage to traditional farming cuisine. For the second course, we have slow-cooked pork, various cuts simmered in a rich tomato passata and flavoured with pancetta. On the side, Cristina serves ciambotta, a vegetable dish of aubergine, potato and peppers, diced and fried.

We finish on a sweet note with scuaratielli, traditional sweets made of fried dough scattered with coloured candy pieces.


  • Participate in dishes preparation

  • Vegetarian option

  • Pet-friendly home


Our customers says

"This was one our best experiences in Bologna. Our hosts, Gianni and Lorenza, were a well travelled and interesting couple about similar ages to ourselves. They also spoke perfect English, having lived in Canada for many years. Gianni taught us how to make tortellini from scratch which we ate with our meal. Gianni is a fine and the rest of the meal was excellent. Their place is an apartment in a medieval Palazzo which was well worth seeing on its own. We really enjoyed it."

J. Bliss

"Our dinner with Angela was the best experience of our visit to Rome. The food was delicious, and it was delightful to talk with Angela and her Mother about food, life in Rome, work, and the state of the world in general. This experience would have been impossible for us without Le Cesarine."

D. White

"We had a wonderfull lunch time with Tania (30 minutes outside from Bologna). She was an excellent host and very charming. We enjoyed her traditional courses (antipasti,strozzapretti con salsiccia, brasato al limone) very much and could highly recommend her. The atmosphere was very relaxed and it was easy to drive to her. We would come again."

J. Hüsser