Le Cesarine


  • Scanno pecorino cheese ice-cream topped with Abruzzo honey, salted ferratelle and fried chickpeas
  • Rintrocili with bastardoni cream
  • Pizza scima with foje, thin focaccia with misticanza salad
  • Pot of seasoned anchovies with rosemary potato cream
  • Grandmother Carmelina’s Ultrasquisita (First layer of shortcut pastry, then ricotta cream, chocolate, cherries, cedar and french meringue)

Refined selection of local wines


Flavia's taste experience is all about balancing sweet and salty flavours, starting off with a delicious Pecorino cheese ice-cream. The sharp flavour of the Pecorino contrasts with the sweetness of the cream, which is topped with a drizzle of Abruzzo honey, a scattering of salted 'ferratelle' (crunchy wafer biscuits) and fried chickpeas. 

As a first course, our Cesarina serves 'rintrocili' with 'bastardoni' cream. Traditional strips of fresh pasta are set off by the sweet local peppers. To follow, a great classic of abruzzese cuisine: 'pizza scima', an unleavened focaccia accompanied by with 'le foje', a wild mixed salad. As a side dish, a pot of seasoned anchovies.

Last but not least, dessert: Flavia has made Ultrasquisita, “extra-delicious”, a multilayered dessert which combines sweet shortcut pastry and french meringue with ricotta cream, chocolate, cherries and cedar. This recipe is inherited from Flavia's grandmother Carmelina, who would often prepare it on feast days.


  • Wheelchair-accessible

  • Vegetarian option

  • Pet-friendly home

  • Cesarina speaks English

Flavia welcomes us to the splendid setting of Chieti, a lovely abruzzese city half way between the mountain and the Adriatic sea. The historical centre of the city, where our Cesarina lives, is considered one of the most ancient in Italy and rises and the top of a hill: the view here is so beautiful that sometimes, when speaking of Chieti, people refer to it as “the terrace of Abruzzo”.

Young Flavia learned to love cooking thanks to her dear grandmother Carmelina, who passed the closely-guarded family recipe secrets down to her. Her repertoire of flavours completely belongs to the regional culinary tradition, delicious dishes that our Cesarina serves along with an accurate selection of local wine.

The secret of the Cesarina
I fell in love with cooking thanks to my grandmother Carmelina: she was the one who passed the family recipe secrets down to me.

Cesarine at home

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