Le Cesarine


  • Mussels au gratin and fried in batter
  • Vegetables couscous and 'guttiau' bread
  • Fregula with cocciula (semolina pasta with baby clams)
  • Fish of the day with Vernaccia wine and potatoes
  • Pinzimonio or grilled vegetables
  • 'Pappai in biancu' dessert
  • Mirto liqueur

Refined selection of local wines


This Taste Experience begins with a classic Sardinian starter showcasing the finest seafood; there are both mussels au gratin, whose shells are filled with breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese, and mussels fried in batter, which are covered in a beer and parsley based sauce before being fried in oil. The results are absolutely delicious, and are accompanied by vegetable couscous and 'guttiau', a crusty local bread. 

To continue the meal, Enza and Giannella choose fregula with cocciula. This soup combines the rustic flavor of the fregola, a type of semolina pasta, and the scent of the sea from the arselle, baby clams very popular in the area. An original and the winning combination that is a classic dish of Cagliari cuisine. For the second course, the fish of the day embellished by Vernaccia, the typical wine of Oristano, and potatoes. As a side dish, our Cesarine then choose the pinzimonio, fresh seasonal vegetables served with an olive oil dip, or a plate of grilled vegetables.

Enza and Giannella serve up 'fregula with cocciula' for the first course, a rustic soup made with 'fregola' pasta, and locally sourced baby clams, that are a local favourite. This classic Cagliari dish is a real delight. The second course is the 'fish of the day' cooked in Vernaccia wine (from nearby Oristano) with potatoes. On the side, grilled vegetables, or alternatively 'pinzimonio', which are fresh seasonal vegrables served with an olive oil dip. 

Finally, the dessert. Enza and Giannella offer us a classic Sardinian way to end a meal: the pappai in biancu, a soft and delicate dessert made from milk, cornstarch, lemon peel and orange blossom water. To end the evening with a flavorful note, just taste the Mirto, a liqueur made with myrtle, which is strictly homemade.

Now, time for dessert. Enza and Giannella round off the Taste Experience Sardinian style with 'pappai in biancu', a delicate milk dessert infused with lemon peel and orange blossom water. This is followed by Mirto, an aromatic homemade liqueur made with myrtle.


  • Wheelchair-accessible

  • Vegetarian option

Enza and Giannella are neighbors and longtime friends. The former was once a shopkeeper, while the latter up to a few years ago was teaching art in a middle school. Both share a strong passion for Sardinian cuisine and its local products: a love born when they were small, that they have cultivated over the years.

They welcome us in Cagliari, a historic and fascinating city and the capital of an island lost in time. Not surprisingly, the traditional Sardinian cuisine expresses the soul of an ancient land, where different civilizations have lived and integrated over the centuries, leaving significant traces even at the table. On Enza's terrace, we can enjoy intense and different flavours together with a stunning view. It's particularly beautiful at sunset when the beautiful Bay of Angels is illuminated by thousands of lights; the perfect setting to enjoy a memorable dinner. 

The secret of the Cesarina
We have lived in Cagliari for a long time. We love this city, so rich in history and flavors

Cesarine at home

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