Le Cesarine


  • Grandmother's crostini 
  • Bean soup with garfagnino spelt
  • 'Rovelline rifatte' veal in sauce
  • Seasonal vegetable tart
  • Zuppa lucchese 

Refined selection of local wines


Crostini are the perfect way to start off any Tuscan taste experience. Alessandra prepares them according to her grandmother’s recipe, using a special blend of herbs for a truly fragrant starter. 

Next, we have the comforting flavours of a bean soup with ‘garfagnino’ spelt, a grain typical to the area which works perfectly with beans. For the second course, our Cesarine serve ‘rovelline rifatte’, veal fillets, which are served “alla lucchese”, fried and covered in a delicious sauce. On the side, we have a flavoursome vegetable tart. 

To finish, they serve a ‘zuppa lucchese’ dessert, which is made using a traditional circular ‘buccellato di Lucca’ cake topped candied fruit peels.


  • Participate in meal preparation

  • Vegetarian option

  • Cesarina speaks English

Alessandra and Ada welcome us into a town that seems to be lost in time, nestled in the stunning Apuane Alps. The two live in Celle di Puccini, an area of Pescaglia noted for its links with the great composer Giacomo Puccini, who spent much of his childhood here - in fact, there is a Puccini museum here in his honour. 

Ada and Alessandra have been passionate cooks for their entire lives, and they love to celebrate their local traditional recipes that have been handed down through the generations. 

The secret of the Cesarina
"Our grandmothers taught us how to cook traditional dishes, and we have guarded their recipes ever since."

Cesarine at home

This Cesarina is also available to organize a taste Experience at your accomodation

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