Le Cesarine


• Home-made focaccia
• Stecchetti Soup (Royale alla bolognese)
• Delicate leek pie with stuffed Savoy cabbage leaves 
• Cake with amaretto centre, and a sweet selection

Refined selection of local wines


Queen Margherita was married to Umberto I, and reigned from 1878 to 1900. In fact, Bologna's largest park, "I giardini Margherita", is in fact named after her! Our Cesarina Luisa lives on its Eastern side, and, together with her mother Maria Teresa, she keeps Bologna's past traditions alive. Luisa serves up typical Bolognese dishes that take you straight back to "the good old days", when horses and carriages crossed the Giardini Margherita.

Several of Luisa's recipes hark back to as early as the eighteenth century. After a standing aperitivo with sparkling wine and home-made focaccia, she brings 'la royale alla Bolognese' to the table; a broth-based soup that is known as 'minestra alla Stecchetti' in Bologna. In nearby Romagna, however, they call it "soup in a bag", due to it's unusual method of preparation. A rich dough is made using flour, eggs, nutmeg, parmesan and butter, which is then closed in a lightly dampened bag. It is then put in a large pan of broth to simmer for about two hours, giving enough time for the dough to infuse the soup.

As a second course, Luisa serves a delicate leek pie with stuffed Savoy cabbage leaves. For dessert, a cake with an amaretto centre, accompanied by a selection of little sweets. A delightful end to this taste experience where everything is home-made - just like in the good old days.


  • Participate in meal preparation

  • Wheelchair-accessible

  • Vegetarian option

Queen Margherita was the bride of King Umberto I who reigned from 1878 to 1900; the people of Bologna dedicated the most important park in the city to her, which is still known as the “Margherita gardens". On the eastern edge of the park is the house of Luisa who, together with her mother Maria Teresa, cultivates the typical flavors of the Italy of those days. Today, Luisa presents typical Bolognese dishes with the flavor of a voyage in the “nice times of the past”, when horses and carriages traveled through the Margherita gardens.

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