Le Cesarine


  • Asparagus breadsticks
  • Courgette rolls
  • Baked ricotta cheese
  • Pici pasta with broad beans, caramellised cherry tomatoes and pecorino DOC cheese
  • Aubergine pyramids with aromatic herbs
  • Dark chocolate tartlet

Refined selection of local wines


We begin this vegetarian Taste Experience with an antipasti tris: asparagus ‘breadsticks’ rolled in breadcrumbs and thyme, courgette roulades and oven-baked ricotta cheese.

Next, we have an exquisite dish of pici with broad beans. This pasta, similar in shape to spaghetti, is hand-rolled using water and grano tenero flour, and is served with a delicious broad bean sauce, caramellised tomatoes and shards of salty Pecorino DOP cheese.

For the second course, Giovanna serves a grilled aubergine pyramid with alternating layers of Parmigiano and Provola cheese. The final touch of aromatic herbs gives the dish an unforgettable touch.

Finally, for dessert, our Cesarina serves a melt-in-the-mouth dark chocolate cake for a delightfully rich and indulgent finish.


  • Participate in meal preparation

  • Wheelchair-accessible

  • Vegetarian option

  • Cesarina speaks English

Giovanna welcomes us into her house in Grosseto, a city that is full of history and ancient monuments just a few miles from the coast. Our Cesarina works in HR and is a proud mother of two. She has been a passionate cook for many years, and has a chef’s diploma – she’s even taken part in cooking talent competitions on TV.

For her Taste Experience, Giovanna prepares some classic favourites from her local cuisine; strawberry jam, spicy fig preserve, and polenta with lard and cavolo nero. Get ready for a fabulous display of colour and flavour.

The secret of the Cesarina
My secret ingredient for the perfect roast potatoes is a pinch of curry powder!

Cesarine at home

This Cesarina is also available to organize a taste Experience at your accomodation

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