About "Le Cesarine"

Truly authentic Italian cuisine is passed down in family cookbooks


The Cesarine have been carefully selected by experts familiar with the regional culinary traditions to ensure the authenticity of their culinary experiences, and disseminate the real typical Italian dishes.


A welcoming host, experts in the culinary traditions of their territory: the Cesarine are women and men who want to preserve and share their knowledge of local traditions, recipes and hospitality, opening the doors of their homes to all who wish to experience them.


True regional recipes, prepared by the most skilled cooks of Italy. Each Cesarina offers his own culinary experience through a selection of local dishes, their own interpretation of the traditional cuisine of the area. Each experience is an encounter between his culinary knowledge and the history and flavors of Italian cuisine.


The pleasure of conviviality goes far beyond good food. Whosoever sits at the table of a Cesarina is invited not only to participate in a unique gastronomic experience, but to discover those family ties which, from generation to generation, have managed to preserve the culinary traditions of the Italian lands.