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Assunta e Rosanna A.
Assunta and Rosanna have known each other for years and years. They are both teachers at a local middle school, where they got to know each-other and became the best of friends, finding out they had a strong passion in common: cooking. Together they offer some of the foundations of the Neapolitan tradition: on the one side the passion for past and present great cooking, on the other the attention to an always warm and welcoming reception, a trait of Naples and its people. Our Cesarine welcome us into a beautiful house in the historic Santa Lucia district, just a few steps away from Caracciolo seafront, which opens onto the splendid Neapolitan gulf. In this lovely location Assunta and Rosanna guide us through the discovery of Campania’s culinary culture, which is a mix of rich local traditions and international influences.
Laura G.
In Cesarina Laura’s family, the typical cuisine has always been an intimate, family tradition handed down for generations, starting from her ancestors who owned a typical Neapolitan trattoria in the heart of Naples. Laura’s great grandparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles have jealously preserved all the secrets and tricks that cannot be found in any cookbook. Cooking for Laura is a spiritual exercise, where the combination of aromas, scents, flavors and colors energize her as she continues to fall even more in love with this noble art ... "cooking for others enriches me and fills me with pride."
Rosaria M.
Naples is a city of a thousand marvels and one of the most ancient in Europe. It presents itself to those who visit it as a true open-air museum; one can wander around its cobbled streets and discover the most beautiful piazzas, all of which conserve elements of a city rich in history and culture. A stone’s throw from Piazza Vittoria, in a building from the 1930s, we enter Rosaria’s house. Love for food and care in making it are features which really stand out in the culinary tradition of the area around Naples. For this region of Italy, cooking is a real passion and eating is a sacred rite. Rosaria inherits a long family tradition of knowledge about ingredients, interest in the land and love for cooking. This Cesarina adores making food for her numerous family members and friends and loves following traditional recipes while experimenting with new flavors.
Valeria A.
A person’s love of cooking is always a magical story to tell. In Valeria’s case, her passion has been a part of her life since childhood: “I remember my grandma getting up at the crack of dawn to start cooking, our traditional Christmas lunches, spaghetti alle vongole, cassata, and ‘wedding soup’ on Saint Stephen’s day.” As our Cesarina grew up, her passion for cooking never waned, in fact was always a part of her as she got older, becoming more aware: “For me, cooking is a sublime moment of sharing and generosity, which is why I love organising dinners for my family and friends. I especially love cooking hearty dishes with light, organic and high-quality ingredients, to keep my family and guests healthy and happy.”
Tiziana A.
Once there were only hills and cultivated fields. Nowadays, Vomero is one of the most populated and prestigious residential areas in Naples. We can take the funicular to reach this hilly area and, just within walking distance to the monumental museum of San Martino, we arrive at the home of Tiziana, our Cesarina. Tiziana is a Neapolitan DOC with a great passion for cooking. From the time she was born, she grew up watching her grandmother as she knowingly kneaded dough. Our Cesarina loves to recount her childhood memories to her guests as they are seated around a beautifully laid table, where good food and good company reign. 
Andrea M.
Vomero, an elegant Art Nouveau district full of tree-lined streets, scenic areas, shops and fine restaurants. This area is dominated by the imposing Castel Sant' Elmo and the Certosa di San Martino which stands opposite and offers a spectacular view of the city. In this hilly area, a few steps from the Ceramics Museum, a treasure trove of art and history, we meet our Cesarino, Andrea, keeper of stories and secrets of family recipes. Andrea’s passion for cooking was passed on by his mother who was also an excellent cook. Fascinated by the traditional regional recipes of his home for as long as he can remember, he interprets them by researching ingredients and ancient cooking techniques. He also researches innovative flavors, using the splendid ingredients from the land and sea of ​​Campania. "I like to cook Neapolitan ragu in terracotta pots and for at least eight hours of cooking time. I use seven cuts of meat, as was done in the antique Neapolitan tradition."
Mariarosaria R.
We meet Cesarina Mariarosaria in the Arenella neighborhood, just a few steps from the Salvator Rosa metro station, a true work of art in itself that is also a focal point for the local citizens, acting as a stage of daily life. Mariarosaria is hospitable and sociable as she welcomes us with classic Neapolitan warmth. Her Neapolitan ways are so sscuié sciué, a Neapolitan term meaning easy and unpretentious and with a delightful down-to-earth quality. Mariarosaria’s cooking boasts the same characteristics. Ever since she was a child, she has been studying the art of good food, thanks to her mother, who was an excellent cook.
Riccardo S.
Riccardo, our Cesarino of Neapolitan adoption, feels that attempting to describe Naples would be presumptuous since theater, film and documentaries continually spread Neapolitan art, culture and flavor throughout the world. However, only through cooking has Riccardo come to understand the gastronomic heritage of this territory, its dishes and the true flavors of the peasant and seafaring traditions. For Riccardo, the table is a symbol of knowledge and cultural exchange. Seated around the table, one can sample the fruits of a land that were previously unknown. Both the mind and the food itself is enhanced through recounting past events, anecdotes and travels, and exchanging opinions, ideas and emotions over of a glass of wine, all while enjoying good food. The dishes that Riccardo brings to the table are rooted in the local traditions of the greater Neapolitan area, drawing on the peasant cooking that has developed into the city’s bourgeois cuisine. Other dishes instead transport us to experience the sea’s bounty, a blending of the sea - which dominates every panorama of the gulf – with the richness of fragrances and flavors from the fertile countryside.
Emanuela M.
Nestled in the gulf, Naples wakes up to views of its splendid sea every day. The same sea which the large, green balcony of our Cesarina's house overlooks, and which offers a breathtaking panorama.The house where Emanuela is hosting us is spacious, furnished with traditional, refined in taste and flooded with light. Emanuela’s passion for the culinary arts goes back to when she was still a small child, peeking into “mama’s" kitchen. Our Cesarina is a clever mosaic: her intuition for the accompaniments and perfect combinations has made her an expert ​​in the art of preparing good food: flavors and fragrances are skillfully put together to tell the history and traditions of her region.
Simonetta D.
Neapolitan cuisine has ancient roots and has been influenced over the centuries by the various cultures that followed one another and dominated the city, particularly during the French and the Spanish rules.Simonetta offers us dishes that bring the historical vicissitudes of the Neapolitan city to the table. Our Cesarina welcomes us into her beautiful home, and invites us to savor recipes of land and sea created with the flavors of excellent-quality local products.
Sonia D.
In the heart of the historic center of Naples, a few steps from Piazza Carlo III and the botanical garden, where nature and history merge, we meet Sonia, our Neapolitan Cesarina DOC. Her home is welcoming and luminous, and in the backdrop, Mount Vesuvius. It is a perfect location to rediscover the ancient flavors through a unique culinary experience. From the first moment we step into Sonia’s home, we are astonished by Sonia’s great passion for art - she paints and has been a ceramic artist, as well. Her passion for art suffuses everything she loves to do, including cooking. To prepare her dishes, she chooses ingredients that she elaborates with imagination, creativity and tradition, but always within the framework of the Neapolitan territory, a cuisine of unmistakable fragrances, colors and flavors.  
Anna M.
Anna’s house rises up on the sloping hillside of Vomero, one of the most beautiful and luxurious areas of Naples. This is where our Cesarina welcomes her guests and takes them on a voyage of discovery through the secrets of typical Neapolitan cuisine. “It became my passion little by little, over the course of many years,” she recalls, “I believe that food is one of the best tools we have to taste and deeply understand the culture of a place.” This is particularly true of Naples; this huge city boasts a rich and varied heritage of traditional recipes, which goes far beyond pizza and pasta.
Germana B.
Germana welcomes you to the wonderful city of Naples. Her house is located in a perfect location, within easy reach of the most important points of interest such as the Catacombs of San Gennaro or the Museum of Capodimonte, that has one of the most amazing views of the city. A passion for cooking and love of her regional traditions… That's what makes Germana a real expert of Neapolitan cuisine!
Gaetano R.
Gaetano, our Cesarino from Naples, loves entertaining and organizing dinners for friends. For him, the kitchen is a means of bringing people together. The table becomes an encounter, a convergence, an exchange of ideas, good cheer, a ritual. The table has always been synonymous with intimacy, closeness, friendly sharing. Sharing the same table always produces extraordinary conversation and debate.   Cooking  is a healthy way to distract oneself from day to day problems. On the “no” days, Gaetano begins to fillet, chop, sauté , season, turn on the stove and cook.
Anna S.
Anna, our Cesarina, welcomes us with warm hospitality to enjoy a Neapolitan culinary experience. Her passion for cooking was cultivated through her maternal grandmother, of Tuscan origins. If anything ever went wrong, she would say, "Now we’ll prepare a little something to eat and everything else will fall into place!" This is just how good cuisine, prepared by Anna, became a way to ward off everyday difficulties, by creating moments of joy and sharing. The perfect place to do just that is right here enjoying a meal at the home of our Cesarina!
Luisa e Maria C.
Posillipo is without a doubt the most famous hill in Naples and also the most celebrated for its beauty. The name itself speaks of its most valued virtue. Pausilypon (name of a nearby ancient Roman villa) means "a rest from cares". It is one of the most enchanting and sought-after areas of the city. The sumptuous and hidden villas, the cliffs overlooking the sea, the breathtaking panorama make it an obligatory stop for tourists and a dream for the city’s inhabitants. Here, in this corner of paradise, we can enjoy an authentic culinary experience at the home of Luisa and Maria, our Cesarine. Luisa and Maria are food bloggers and lovers of the culinary arts. Already back in their high school days, they were buying culinary magazines and books, experimenting with new recipes and making variations on traditional ones. Dynamically and with creative flair, they position themselves in front of the stove, ready to begin a new adventure: lunches and dinners for the family - where the most feared critics are the children (but they always pass with full marks!) - and for new guests who impatiently wait to sample their recipes, which they create with passion and imagination.
Carla V.
Halfway between Pozzuoli, known for its seafront promenade and Solfatara volcano, and Naples, with its many neghborhoods teeming with life and monuments, we can stop by the home of Carla, our Cesarina. Carla loves the flavors and fragrances of Neapolitan cuisine. Moreover, she also loves design pastry-making, but she never forgets the traditional desserts of Naples.    In the kitchen, Carla finds her inner tranquility. She likes to cook for hours: kneading, decorating, listening to the sound of the pan sizzling, enjoying the heady aroma her homemade ragu’. In the kitchen, her thoughts transform into flavors.  In the warm and welcoming atmosphere, it is truly pleasant to sit at Carla’s table, which she always decorates with imagination, and enjoy her culinary creations. 
Annunziata F.
Ercolano is located in the center of the beautiful Gulf of Naples. It is a jewel of antiquity, a place for archeology lovers to lose themselves, where natural, historical, archaeological and architectural treasures can be admired. All of this, of course, without neglecting the culinary delicacies we can enjoy at the home of Annunziata, our Cesarina. Annunziata began to cultivate her passion for cooking from an early age thanks to her large family She initially devoted herself to the preparation of Neapolitan dishes and later she began experimenting "in her own way", creating a mix of history and innovation. The culinary experience at Annunziata's home is a delightful journey through the most authentic recipes from Campania, then moving on to the Sorrento peninsula and finally arriving to the flavors of the real Naples. To accompany us, a warm and lively atmosphere in an elegant setting, and an opportunity to enjoy the splendid view that overlooks the entire Gulf of Naples. The table is set simply and elegantly, a reflection of Annunziata’s personality.  
Filomena A.
Visiting Pompeii is a not to be missed experience by anyone visiting this part of Italy. The city crystallized in time after the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, and walking through the streets of this ancient city is like walking back in time. A must for all lovers of history, culture, archeology and good food, of course, the cuisine of Pompeii boasts a very ancient culinary tradition. In some respects, it has been influenced by the cuisine of Ancient Rome (Pompeii was one of its major colonies), as well as Africa and the Orient (spices and other products were being traded at the time to enhance local dishes with new flavors). At the home of Filomena, our Cesarina, we can sample the flavors of this ancient cuisine blended with the strong and decisive flavors of Neapolitan cooking.  
Rosa e Eugenio R.
Vico Equense is the stretch of the Sorrento Coast where the curves of the highway soften and allow you to appreciate the mix of colors that the sea, the beach and the surrounding nature, give this city. Head to Seiano, a small hamlet in Vico Equense, directly overlooking the sea, with views of Mount Vesuvius and the Lattari Mountains toward the left, and meet Rosa and Eugenio, our Cesarini. 

In a magnificent location, in an apartment dating from the eighteenth century that is both elegant and eclectic, furnished with period pieces and various collections, our Cesarini offer an unforgettable culinary experience, flavors of the sea and that convey the atmosphere of the Bourbon courts. 

 After several years of being a member of the Slow Food organisation, Rosa became its secretary, which is a demanding role requiring a great deal of diligence and passion. Her passion for her work comes hand in hand with her passion for cooking: Rosa has always loved learning kitchen secrets, which all started under the expert guidance of her grandmother. She studied at the University of Gastonomic Science in Pollenzo, where she took two courses. Eugenio began cooking 30 years ago, primarily out of need, but gradually he discovered a strong passion. He dedicated himself to reading culinary newspapers and magazines; later attending cooking classes that provided him with a more scientific approach. Afterward, he discovered an interest in Monzù cuisine - the brilliant interpretation of courtly Neapolitan cuisine - and it was here that he found his true passion!
Assunta L.
Assunta welcomes us in an authentic "paradise on earth". How else to describe Meta, a small town of the Sorrento peninsula overlooking the Gulf of Naples: green hills planted with walnut and olive trees that descend to the turquoise sea and, in the distance, the silhouette of the island of Ischia.  Our Cesarina's dishes sum up the heart of this land. Getting in the kitchen, for Assunta, means diving into family tradition and local history. An example? The sweet and sour dishes, which Assunta has rediscovered collecting and experimenting with almost-forgotten recipes.
Maria Rosaria D.
Sant'Agnello, a quaint village in the Sorrento peninsula on the terrace of volcanic rock that overlooks the sea, is located between the high and jagged coastline overlooking the Gulf of Naples to the north and the hills, reflected on the Gulf of Salerno, which slope down into the Tyrennian Sea on the opposite side.  A perfect place to discover, together with our Cesarina Maria Rosaria, the local nature, the most splendid locations and especially the cuisine, the flavors of the Campania coast.  Maria Rosaria’s recipes are authentic culinary refinements made with flavorful ingredients that reflect the harmonies and colors of the area. For our Cesarina, cooking is a source of creativity, a way in which to express love and caring for others and it is a "pretext" for welcoming guests, conversing and getting acquainted.  
Rosa P.
Rosa gives us a warm welcome in Sorrento, in her traditional Mediterranian-style home, furnished with a perfect meeting of antique and modern. Sorrento has a rich treasure trove of culinary delights such as pasta di Gragnano and Provolone del Monaco DOP cheese. It is also home to the world-famous Sorrento lemon, thanks to its ideal terrain and weather, and is therefore a powerhouse of limoncello production. The city boasts an enchanting view over the gulf which stretches from the nearby islands of Capri and Ischia to the silhouette of Vesuvius. After several years of being a member of the Slow Food organisation, she became its secretary, which is a demanding role requiring a great deal of diligence and passion. Her passion for her work comes hand in hand with her passion for cooking: Rosa has always loved learning kitchen secrets, which all started under the expert guidance of her grandmother. She studied at the University of Gastonomic Science in Pollenzo, where she took two courses.
Carla S.
Carla has always nurtured a great passion for cooking. Since childhood, in fact, she loved watching aunt Michela, the real chef of the house, cook: from her little wooden stool she could appreciate the aromas of her cooking, velvety and tasty thanks to the wood oven. With the passing of time her aunt began to involve her in her creations, passing the secrets of Campania’s tradition on to her little by little. A tradition made up of exquisite dishes which we can taste on the hills of Cava de’ Tirreni, a small town few chilometres away from the splendid Salerno and the magnificent Amalfi coast. Carla is ready to have us fall in love with the typical flavours of this enchanted land, where a sailor’s soul melds with reminiscences of greek cuisine and the rich sun of Campania.
Annamaria B.
Overlooking a strip of sea dominated by San Liberatore and Mount Falerio, Vietri sul Mare is the place where we meet our Cesarina Annamaria, for whom “cooking is a pleasure to be rediscovered every day." Whether it is to find the most delicious bread, the freshest fish or finest vegetables, food for Annamaria is the means to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Her local culture overflowing with creativity, as can be seen in the traditional decorations on ceramics present in Vietri since the Middle Ages, now famous and imitated all over the world.
Tina F.
Baronissi is in the middle of the Irno Valley between Salerno and Avellino. The ancient local recipes use the local produce of both areas, particularly renowned for its cheeses: mozzarella for example, the crowning achievement of Italian cuisine, loved around the world, as well as hand-made ricotta, which, in this valley, has been traditionally one of the simple and wholesome food for entire families.It is here, that we find Cesarina Fortunata, who, with her great culinary experience, exalts the excellent Campania cuisine by offering recipes that are still handed down from mother to daughter, with the hope of never losing the traditional Sunday lunch with the whole family.

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Rosa e Eugenio
Vico Equense
Maria Rosaria
San Pietro - Cava de' Tirreni
Vietri S/M

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