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Marco B.
Marco, originally from Piedmont in the north of Italy, welcomes us into his stunning home on one of the most famous hills in Rome, Aventino. This beautiful area looks over the Giardino degli Aranci and the ‘Cavalieri di Malta’ gate. Marco spent much many years working as a restorer, before deciding to change direction and move to the restaurant industry. He used to manage a trattoria in Greece, but recently moved to Rome. He inherited his passion for cooking from his mother, a gifted cook from the Piedmont region, who passed down her wisdom and dedication to local traditions. You’d be hard-pressed to find many of Marco’s traditional family recipes in local restaurants, but they showcase the very best of Piedmontese cuisine; humble, but full of flavour. At Marco’s table, there’s always a freshly home-made loaf of bread to enjoy with your meal, which he makes daily with organic flour.
Giulia Anna S.
In beautiful San Saba, one of the most picturesque areas of Rome surrounded by places rich in history and tradition, we meet Julia, our Cesarina who will interpret the most typical dishes of Roman cuisine for our enjoyment. Giulia prepares dishes from long ago, trying to combine new cuisine and the recipes that she has always passionately cooked for her family.
Germano Z.
“When I would come home, my grandfather Cesare would say, ‘guess what I’ve brought for you today!’ For me, those words rang like a gift: dinner-time was approaching. Before cooking, my grandfather would put on a white apron and select the ingredients: he would turn on the burners and suddenly the kitchen would be filled with the scent of cooking, and everyone would start getting hungry." Our guide Germano, who today lives in the enchanting capital, Rome, in a splendid apartment in the shadow of the famous St. Peter’s Basilica, tells us about himself in this way.He pleasantly recalls his first steps in the kitchen when he would help his mother in the kitchen at a young age. “Christmas, Easter, birthdays... Every event was celebrated around our dining table and, like every Italian family, we would talk about food while we ate”.
Tiziana S.
Strolling from St. Peter’s to Castel Sant’Angelo, it is possible to enjoy one of the most typical and succulent dinners of the Roman culinary tradition, paying special attention to the quality of the ingredients. It is here that we meet our Cesarina Tiziana, who opens the doors to her beautiful home to let us discover the typical dishes of the local cuisine and a fanciful tradition composed of simple, authentic recipes.
Cosimo Giampiero M.
Rome, the Eternal City! Not only is this one of the world’s most beautiful cities, it is also a global capital of history, culture, art, and - most importantly for Le Cesarine - food.  Our Cesarino Cosimo discovered his love of cooking here, “I’m originally from Salento in the south of Italy, but I’ve been living in Rome since I was six. Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve had a passion for good food, passed down to me by my father, who worked as a chef for 50 years.”  In his beautiful home in the heart of the city, just a few minutes from the central station and Rome’s most important landmarks, Cosimo loves to share his cooking with family, friends and visitors.  
Flavia P.
Flavia welcomes us to the splendid Rome, eternal city with invaluable historic and artistic heritage. Our Cesarina’s home is in the heart of the historical centre, just few steps away from the gorgeous Villa Borghese park and not too far from the Baths of Diocletian. Our Cesarina’s ancestors moved from Piemonte to the capital after the birth of the Kingdom of Italy, although Flavia also has Jewish origins. In fact, her cuisine owes its inspiration from the blend of Jewish and Roman traditions, a meeting she explains as “able to create a lucky and inseparable marriage, especially thanks to the culinary authenticity of both cultures”.
Alessandro V.
Cesarino Alessandro welcomes us into the heart of Garbatella, a bustling neighbourhood near Rome’s historic centre. His apartment is close to Ostiense station and the famous Caracalla baths, a beautiful and imposing reminder of the imperial age. Alessandro has been a passionate cook for his whole life, and will be guiding us through the traditions of the Eternal City. You can enjoy the delights of Rome’s cuisine at his table, from artichokes ‘alla romana’ to ricotta and cherry tart, and of course the unmissable bucatini all’amatriciana.
Sandra C.
"Life is a combination of magic and pasta". This quote by the famous film director Federico Fellini is perfect to present Sandra, our Cesarina. For Sandra, food is and always has been a way to understand the local culture of a country or a place. Sandra's passion for cooking has turned into a profession, and today she welcomes guests to her Garbatella apartment in Rome - an area still full of the local population and also lots of hidden surprises - for cooking and language lessons, a fun way to learn 'hands on’! Everyone is invited to the table to sample the dishes prepared by our Cesarina: fresh pasta totally made by hand, just as her grandmother used to make it. The sauce, prepared with love and cooked slowly for a lengthy amount of time, is made from guanciale (pork cheek), tomatoes, pecorino Romano (aged cheese) and black pepper. All the recipes are from the Roman tradition, which focusses on the lightness of cooking and the choice of organic and seasonal ingredients. Sandra loves tradition but sometimes concedes to the latest culinary trend.  
Francesca Romana C.
We are in Rome’s Aurelio neighborhood, just a stone's throw from the Vatican, a neighborhood of quiet streets conducive to shopping, drinking an aperitif in one of the many bars and enjoying traditional Roman cuisine. We can do just this in the home of our Cesarina, Francesca Romano, who welcomes us to her elegant apartment whose terrace overlooks the city and has a view of Michelangelo’s majestic dome. Francesca brings traditional recipes from the regional cuisine to the table, icons of the Italian tradition. Every dish is a symbol and full of history and legends, from carbonara to amatriciana...
Angela P.
Angela is a journalist on one of Rome’s main papers. Whenever she has a spare moment she dedicates herself to cooking, her all-time great passion. “I began cooking as a girl, when I would go on holidays with my friends - she explains - I would prepare quick pastas with fresh tomatoes and then little by little I reached more elaborate dishes. Cooking for others makes me happy”. This passion for cooking comes straight form the heart, passed down from mother to daughter for generations.Angela has also become a sommelier “Wine and food must get along, and they are the strongpoints of my cooking.” Her cooking is inspired by the typical flavours of roman cuisine, particularly tied to cereals and popular flavours.
Cecilia S.
Cesarina Cecilia works as an international journalist, but at home her passion is cooking. She’s found away of uniting her work and her hobby by inviting people from all over the world to have dinners at her house. This gives her the chance to meet people from many different company and share their stories at the table, surrounded by good food and wine. Cecilia welcomes her guests into her beautiful home, which is right in front of Rome's Basilica di San Paolo, a stone’s throw away from the banks of the Tiber. She occupies the top two floors of a gorgeous building built in 1915. It has a beautiful terrace which looks out over the capital, so you can enjoy a taste of Rome in style - and with excellent company, of course!
Maria Laura e Amanda P.
Maria Laura and Amanda come from families where the kitchen is the heart of the home. Through their parents and grandparents, they learned not only to appreciate what the food they eat, but how it is prepared, the selection of ingredients, flavour combinations, and the care that goes into making traditional recipes… This pair of Cesarine welcomes us into their home in the heart of Rome, in an ancient building looking over MAXXI, Rome’s main modern art museum. It is a short distance away from Ponte Milvio and the calm waters of the river Tiber. Their home is welcoming, a perfect reflection of the Cesarine’s personalities.
Francesca P.
Rome is known as the tourist city par excellence. It is also a city that loves to indulge in its flavorful and simple cuisine. Cesarina Francesca's cooking reflects these characteristics. Francesca has been cooking since she was a child, since her grandmother and mother taught her the basics of home cooking. Later, she discovered the recipes of the Roman tradition and is now  fanatically careful about every detail: "When I prepare carbonara or amatriciana, I look for the best pork cheek; otherwise, it is not worth making it ..." She loves making fresh pasta as well as elaborate desserts, her signature sweet is Roman-style zuppa inglese.  
Massimo M.
Massimo lives just outside Porta Pia, a place that has made history as one of the symbols of the Unity of Italy and of Rome. In this historic corner of the Eternal city, in the Salario neighborhood, we can still find all the allure of the Capitoline tradition and feel the special atmosphere given by its characteristic restaurants and museums. A neurologist by profession, our Cesarino devotes most of his spare time to cooking. He inherited this passion from this grandparents, who taught him the secrets of la buona tavola, “the good table” and engaged him in preparing dishes from the Roman-Jewish tradition ever since he was a child. Delicious recipes, made even more special thanks to mum Rosalba’s ingredients and typical Viterbese culture combinations.
Alessandra C.
Monteverde is one of Rome’s most famous neighborhoods and is considered the city’s corner of green, a place of great peace and tranquility. Its fascinating history takes the listener far back in time. Although now part of the city center, it still retains the charm of its hillside location, as if it were isolated from the bustle of the city. In this elegant and lively district, with its bars and restaurants that are full of life even in the evening, we meet Cesarina Alessandra. Her home is the place to go for dinners, lunches and a light nibble. In short, we go to Alessandra’s to indulge ourselves! Alessandra is passionate about cooking, with a marked fondness for desserts. Seated around her table, we eat and talk, even about food and culinary traditions. She loves to pamper her guests who often leave with jams or sweets, so that the flavors of the evening can stay with them a little longer.
Claudia M.
Claudia takes us on a journey of discovery through the many sides of Roman cuisine, from the Jewish influence to the countryside traditions that have shaped the city’s flavours and typical dishes. Despite having a busy career as an accountant, Claudia has always made an effort to dedicate her spare time to honing her cooking skills, and writes a fantastic cooking blog to share her ideas with the world. Her home is in the green and leafy suburbs of Rome, but within easy reach of the historical centre. She is lucky enough to have a large terrace, which is perfect for hosting guests when the weather is nice surrounded by mediterranean plants and a stunning view.
Zaira Z.
"When I was little, I would use my hands to help prepare the legumes and homemade pasta, and now, as an adult I help people as a doctor with them." Despite having a demanding professional life, Zaira does not abandon her passion for cooking, a true family tradition. Her grandmother, proud of her Roman origins, and the wife of a Latin professor who translated ancient Imperial recipes, used to escape the her repetitive cooking routine by preparing a variety of dishes. Now Zaira does the same in her own corner of paradise, a villa built in the 30s with an alluring garden and citrus grove.Our Cesarina's home is located in the Città Giardino, a historic district of Rome, not far from the Aniene River. In the dining room and garden we find dinner tables set with antique wares that retain all their splendor and whisper secrets from the past. The perfect place to dive into the culinary history of the city through Zaira's marvellous cooking.
Michela R.
“My family and relatives all work in restaurants - we all do!” If you want to talk about cooking, Michela is certainly born into it, and she’s been a passionate chef for her entire life. She’s originally from Campania, but has been living in Rome for many years. She lives in a spacious and welcoming apartment in the quiet, leafy suburbs of the city, not too far from the historic centre and the Vatican museum. Her menu is full of Rome’s culinary delights, as well as some typical dishes from her own region in the South of Italy.
Giusy P.
The highest point in Rome is Monte Mario, with its hilly paths and exceptional view overlooking the historic center and the Tiber Valley. A very special neighborhood, sublimely defined as "a bit neighborhood, a bit village" which still maintains its 'human' and typically Roman dimension. In this quiet and green area of ​​Rome, where the ‘air is good', we meet Giusy, our Cesarina. Born in Rome to Sicilian parents, her father was a pastry chef who passed on a passion for sweets. Already as a child, she knew how to prepare the cream filling for the cannoli, and many other dishes: caponata, frittella di fave (her father’s recipe) to pasta alla carrettiera, simple but mouth-watering. Living in Rome and having married a Roman, the Sicilian cuisine of her childhood was learned alongside the traditional local dishes: spaghetti alla carbonara, saltimbocca alla romana and 'pizza sbattuta', a Roman Easter sweet. Giusy has passed on her passion for cooking to her children. The eldest, who is living in Paris, has married a Breton girl, so now he is teaching her the family recipes to keep the culinary tradition going.
Emanuela e Carlo E.
Emanuela and Carlo live near Monte Sacro, the historical Roman hill, which stands alongside the Aniene river. Originally known as the garden city, the area preserves authentic Roman traditions, the same traditions which are cherished by Cesarini Emanuela and Carlo. "To give a special touch to a simple tomato sauce, you just add a clove ..." this is just one of the many secrets that Carlo learned from his grandmother, on a Sunday many years ago; it is on this knowledge that these two Cesarini have based their culinary offerings. Our cesarini love to rediscover forgotten flavors and revive Roman holidays recipes.

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