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Donatella M.
Florence, to quote Stendhal, has a "subtle beauty". The city itself is an open-air museum, rich in architectural masterpieces and works of art that are unique in the world. Here in the heart of this historical city in a street of ancient buildings located within where once stood the ancient medieval walls, and where you can experience the flavor of ancient Florentine history, we meet Donatella, our Florentine Cesarina DOC. Donatella studied art and architecture and she likes to experiment with different artistic techniques, from papier-mâché to ceramics, as well as applying her hand to making pasta dough in the kitchen. This last passion she shares with her husband and children, with whom she loves making homemade pasta, a perfect way to teach culinary art while having fun. At Donatella’s, there is always a festive feeling and the typical flavors of Tuscan cuisine. Her dishes, from pezzole to carabaccia di Caterina de' Medici, are recipes which have made French cuisine famous the world over but that actually originated in Italy, specifically in Florence and the Medici court. Along with the fork, Caterina de' Medici brought recipes with her to Paris that would eventually become the macarons, omelette, crepes, the "francesina", soupe d'oignons and the bigné. At Donatella’s table, we can relive the history of the dishes that traveled from Florence to Paris, as well as enjoy the pleasure of tasting them.
Dusica S.
Dusica welcomes us in the centre of Florence, just few steps away from the gorgeous cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and from the most important monuments of the city’s renaissance. Our Cesarina isn’t Florentine by birth, but “by customs”. She has been living in the Tuscan capital for several years now, slowly falling in love with it and learning its customs and culture. Above all, Dusica loves its cuisine and has decided to interpret the dishes of the regional tradition as a passion. A tradition made of simple and tasty recipes which delve their roots into the history of this splendid territory.
Annamaria C.
Annamaria lives in the most authentic part of Florence, the Oltrarno, on the left flank of the Arno river. This Cesarina lives in an elegant apartment at the top of a historic building which overlooks Palazzo Pitti, the residence of the Medici family until the 18th century. Annamaria has inherited her amazing culinary skills from her mother, aunt and maternal grandmother, who are all excellent cooks. And now she wishes to impart her culinary expertise onto her grandchildren who “have the best time in the kitchen”, so as to carry on the family tradition.
Manuela F.
In the busy neighborhood of Sant’Ambrogio one can experience the traditional Florence, with its lively lifestyle, and its sounds and flavors which signpost that here can be found an original, artisanal and artistic culinary tradition. In this central area, home to many locals, our Cesarina Manuela welcomes us in her apartment in an ancient Florentine building. From here can be admired an enchanting city which never ceases to surprise, with its art masterpieces, colored church marbles and architecture that evoke the splendor of Renaissance culture and art. Manuela makes us taste the flavors of the traditional Tuscan cuisine, which she learnt to appreciate thanks to her grandmother who is a fantastic cook, and to her dad who is also very skilled in the art.
Giovanni C.
We are on the outskirts of Florence in the Porta Romana neighborhood, a historic place in which even today the streets are crowded with artisanal shops. Here, when Giovanni welcomes us, even the objects and the walls of his home seem to have ancient stories to tell.Our Guide divides his time between two great passions: on the one hand his work, the restauration of paintings, and on the other the love for good cuisine. To the question about where his passion was born, he responds: “as in all things in life, it was born from love stories”. At his table, the Lunigiana are served, simple and tasty dishes from his land of origin, as well as traditional recipes from the city of Florence. For Giovanni, cooking represents a way to feel good with others, sharing the pleasure of good food.
Chiara C.
Our Cesarina Chiara is a real Florentine! She was born in Florence and she is still living there to this day: «I love my country and my city, too». What more can we say? Florence is so wonderful and also world famous for its traditions, its art and, of course, for its cuisine.Chiara welcomes her guests in her flat near San Frediano, one of the most authentic Florentine neighborhoods , with an amazing view of the city. Delicious food, sublime wine and a lot of joy: these are the key ingredients of Chiara's recipes.
Roberta A.
Roberta is a lawyer, a mother, and - of course - a Cesarina! She is originally from Bologna, but is an honorary Florentine as she has lived there for over twenty years with her husband, thus becoming part of his florentine family. Her mother-in-law was a wonderful cook, taught her the secrets of the city’s cuisine, passing down her family recipes to Roberta. Our Cesarina welcomes you into her spacious and welcoming apartment in the heart of Florence, just a few minutes’ walk from the Basilica di Santa Maria Novella and the banks of the river Arno. Her home is full of beautiful details and a mix of antique and modern furniture. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the city’s world-famous cuisine.
Giovanna F.
Like Alice who loses herself in Wonderland and falls under its enchanted spell, even in fairytale-like and romantic Boboli Gardens we can experience the same amazement. Here, just outside one of the entrances of the most famous gardens in Italy, which houses the history of Florence, is Giovanna’s home, where we can enjoy a beautiful view of the city. Our Cesarina has always loved to cook. As a child, it was a game, as a young woman, a hobby. Now, it is a way for her to care for her family and to create moments of joy around the table with friends and relatives. Giovanna spends most of her day organizing meals, looking to buy quality products to prepare healthy dishes without, however, sacrificing the pleasure and richness of good Italian and Tuscan recipes.  
Cecilia B.
At the top end of a road just outside the historic center of Florence, across from the park of the Stibbert Museum, our Cesarina opens the doors to her home from with a splendid view of the city. “Cooking amuses me and always puts me in a good mood. I’m constantly on the lookout for the perfect recipe, and when I find it I guard it as though it was a treasure chest!”. Cecilia’s is a simple, but unquestionably tasty cuisine: “I like inviting friends home, without any formalities, offering them the best I can”.
Roberta A.
In the eternal city of Florence, everything is wonderful - food included. There are so many traditional dishes, for example 'black crostini alla ribollita', which have become world-famous, which is what makes Tuscan cuisine so rich and delicious. If you want to taste the real traditional cuisine of this city, it would be best to rely on someone who has known it her whole life, like our Cesarina Roberta. Mother of two lovely boys, cooking is her passion. She attended various cooking courses and she knows perfectly the great classics of the Florentine cuisine.
Silvia B.
Our Cesarina Silvia lives in stunning Florence, famous hub of art, literature and culture, in a quiet and leafy area which is close to the historic center of the city. Silvia truly adores the cuisine of her region, Tuscany: “I’m passionate about cooking, but most of all I love cooking typical Tuscan dishes”.
Guia D.
We are at the foot of the hills of Fiesole, just a few kilometers from the center of Florence, situated in a very unique environment, surrounded by greenery, nature and silence. In a cozy home that is furnished with period pieces, family objects and many memories, we meet Guia, our Cesarina. Her passion for cooking is rooted in her childhood when she used to follow her grandmother and mother around as they dedicated themselves to preparing delicious dishes from the Tuscan tradition, and others as well. Starting at a very young age, she would help them and so she learned their secrets. Above all, she acquired a certain familiarity with cooking that has led her to improvise, following her instinct and the inspiration of the moment. Hospitality and entertaining are a part of her, as well as the desire to communicate and connect with others. Sitting around a table with good food is the perfect way to do this!  
Antonella B.
Antonella is a Florentine born and bred who (professionally and for fun) loves cooking, using only seasonal ingredients which she usually buys from local farmers. Antonella loves traditional, ethnic and fusion cuisines; she likes sharing experiences and getting to know new people whom she hosts in a stunning location, on the Florentine hills. Here, only a couple miles from the historic center of Florence, in the tranquility of the Tuscan hills, this Cesarina welcomes us. Her house is an ex-monastery from 1200 a.c. which throughout the years was turned into a barn, then a painter’s studio, and now an artist’s home, where we can savor the flavors of Tuscan cuisine.
Rossana A.
"I live in the hills, in the village of Castra. Time still moves slowly here, and we can often hear the sound of horses' hooves clopping through the streets of our village, or the tranquil lapping of the River Arno."Rossana welcomes us into her home, nestled in the rolling Tuscan hills not far from Florence. This is wonderful land, where man and nature have been rubbing along together since ancient times. From the Bronze Age to the Etruscans, the Romans to the Lombards, a whole range of civilizations has passed through these parts, leaving many signs of their presence. To this day we can admire the Montereggi Archaeological Park, the remains of the Castello walls, the rocca and the alleyways, Villa Bibbiani and its Parco Romantico. It is home to a rich and fascinating history that is clear in the kitchen as well. This is a culinary tradition of peasant origins, which our Cesarina brings to the table in the form of genuine and appetizing recipes.
Antonella P.
Rolling hills embellished by vineyards and olive trees, patches of forest and streams of gushing water. This is the picture postcard scenery that characterizes the Chianti area, a hilly region stretching to the west of the Arno River, and half way between Siena and Florence. Antonella welcomes us in Greve, a town nestled in the beautiful Tuscan hills. Our Cesarina tells us that this is a small village characterized by a sober but very skillful cuisine. Here, the land’s produce reigns, the legacy of a peasant way of life. Simple but wholesome foods, therefore, able to create very tasty and tempting recipes, reflecting a very flavorful folk cuisine.
Maurizio C.
Our Cesarino has inherited his passion for cooking from his grandmother, who passed on to him her recipes of the typical dishes of the Tuscany. Beginning as a simple hobby, his interest in cooking has increased over time: Maurizio thus decided to take specialist cooking classes, like those for bread and pastry making, or those for vegetarian cuisine. In conclusion, this Cesarino brings to the table typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition which are made both with passion and mastery. Maurizio welcomes us in pretty Pistoia. This is a city which, although often forgotten by many tourist itineraries, is a real gem; charming and historically and gastronomically rich. Not to mention its strategic position halfway between Lucca and Florence!
Virna C.
Virna welcomes us into her home in Castellina in Chianta, a small town that dates back to the Etruscan era, high in the Chianti hills. Virna’s typical Tuscan house sits harmoniously with the local flora and fauna. This beautiful setting, home to the famous Gallo Nero vineyards, our Cesarina dedicates her life to her two greatest passions: cooking and horses. Virna loves spending her free time making fruit conserves, preserving vegetables in olive oil, plum tomato confit, caramellised figs and brandied cherries, as well as any other delicious treats from her partner’s garden.
Giovanna B.
Giovanna lives in Pistoia, a small town rich in history, bordered by the Apennine mountain range. Our Cesarina puts her beautiful villa at the disposal of her guests, to guide them in the discovery of the Tuscan gastronomic tradition. In her cooking, we indeed find the characteristic elements of these lands: the bread, the wild game, the fruits of the earth. Giovanna particularly tries to capture and restore the culinary characteristics of Pistoia, above all following the teachings of her father and grandmother, true enthusiasts of cuisine.
Alessio e Simone A.
Alessio and Simone welcome us in their cozy home, in the heart of Chianti, that wonderful corner of land that stretches for almost twenty kilometers, located between Florence, Siena and Arezzo: a soft territory made up of hills and valleys cultivated with vines and olive trees, a fascinating hilly area, the absolute protagonist with its colors, its aromas and its fruits. In this exceptional setting, we can taste the flavors of the region, accompanied by a classic product of these areas, Chianti wine. The pillars of this culinary tradition are cheese and meat, which are combined thousands of different recipes, all absolutely delicious. In Tuscany, vegetables and local produce are also always plentiful, a testimony to a cuisine rooted in folk tradition.
Oriano M.
We are between San Gimignano and Volterra, at the top of a hill where you can see the Apennines, the Apuan Alps, the sea and, on particularly clear days, Piazza dei Miracoli in the distance. Here, in the heart of Tuscany, Cesarino Oriano welcomes us. Oriano loves traditional Tuscan cooking. He enjoys spending hours in front of the stove because to make the best of Tuscan dishes requires long preparation times and locally grown ingredients. Even the wine is produced from the grapevines that can be admired from the garden of his home. Here, nestled in the hills, where the roads are lined with cypresses that divide the olive groves from the vineyards, pampered by nature and the delicacies prepared by our Cesarino, we begin our culinary experience with the ancient flavors of Tuscany...

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