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Diva e Michela P.
Diva and Michela live in the very centre of Bologna, a stone’s throw away from Piazza Maggiore, right above the bustling streets of the city’s most popular market. This is the beating heart of Emilia’s capital, a maze of charming little streets which by day is filled with the chatter of strolling crowds, and by night by the chink of wine glasses as the local bars fill up with people. Above these busy scenes is an oasis of peace, where music from the streets below drifts up softly, our Cesarinas' terrace, which looks out over a breathtaking sight, the skyline of Bologna. Here, you can enjoy your dinner surrounded by a panorama that most people will only see on a postcard - the Vita church’s majestic dome, the iconic Garisenda and Asinelli towers, and the trademark red rooves of Bologna. It’s unforgettable. For Diva and Michela, their passion for food is a voyage of discovery leading her to new restaurants, new recipes and new tastes, but always keeping true to the rules and the produce of her regional cuisine.
Daniela B.
Our Cesarina, Daniela, welcomes us to her splendid apartment located in the heart of the antique Jewish ghetto of Bologna. An area of the city that is experiencing a renaissance thanks to the architectural renovation of historical buildings and the opening of several bistros, small restaurants and new taverns. In the spacious and bright dining room, the decorated ceilings add to making the atmosphere pleasant and charming. Daniela and Giovanna, her partner in this experience, welcome guests who are curious to get to know not just the city and its culinary tradition, but also to live a moment of enjoyment and sharing that can only be created between people gathered around a table, around good food.
Elena B.
One perspectives we can have of Bologna is from above, enjoying the view from the city’s towers and monuments, from its hills and terraces of various local places, and from the enchanting terrace in the home of our Cesarina, Elena. From here, we can admire the classic Bolognese rooftops that are tinged to an even more intense red come sunset. Here, we can experience the authentic flavor of Bologna, observing it from above and savoring its delectable cuisine. As we know, Bologna is very famous for its gastronomy. This important notoriety dates back to the Middle Ages, when the city began to welcome students and professors from all over the world to the University. This is how Bolognese cuisine became rich, abundant and very varied, not unlike Elena’s cooking. Elena’s elegant table offers up the classic aromas and flavors of the Bolognese tradition, from passatelli in brodo (fresh egg pasta in a meat broth) to 'polpettone' (meatloaf), from 'crescenta con mortadella' (flat bread with cured ham) to 'torta di risoì (sweet rice and almond cake), all following her mother’s recipes.
Giovanna T.
In the heart of Bologna's historical centre, just down the road from Piazza Maggiore, you will find Cesarina Giovanna's home, a stunning apartment in a beautiful old building. Giovanna's family owned a restaurant, so she grew up surrounded by traditional food and Italian hospitality. "Sitting around the table with good friends and good food allows you to expand your mind, stimulate your curiosity for other people, and create harmony between people."
Alessia F.
For Alessia, our Cesarina, cooking is art and it is never just the preparation of some gastronomic specialties, but a philosophy of life, a way to interpret reality. Alessia loves cooking everything with her own hands, from puff pastry to desserts, from tradition to experimentation.    
Rosa L.
You can find your way to Rosa’s delightful home through the colourful, winding streets of Bologna’s historical centre. Make sure you take the time to admire the ancient buildings and porticoes unique to this stunning city! Rosa’s apartment is just off the main shopping street, Via dell’Indipendenza, just a stone’s throw away from Piazza Maggiore and the Due Torri. Rosa is a lawyer by profession, and fills her spare time with sport and cooking. She’s lived in the city for over 45 years, and is passionate about the area’s culinary traditions. “I took a great cooking course where I learned to make fresh pasta and iconic Bolognese dishes.”
Costanza T.
Leaving the towers behind and venturing into winding streets, protected by porticos, through the passage of Corte Isolani you suddenly find yourself in Piazza Santo Stefano, one of the most picturesque views of Bologna. A stone's throw from this magical square welcomes us Costanza, our Cesarina, in a house with an ancient flavour, full of colors, with classic furniture. Costanza tells us her story, how her passion for cooking was born ... "Even as a child my father told me that when I grew up I would have been a cook, because I spent many afternoons in the kitchen with the nanny and, with her, I enjoyed making sweets, cookies, kneading the dough and then making tagliatelle ". Then she followed her mother's teachings when she grew up, from which he learned the traditional Bolognese dishes. And today she loves inviting her friends home, who always come very willingly, because they say "that we eat well!"
Giancarlo S.
Imagine Bologna in the late 1500s, with its jostling skyline of towers, elegant porticos and splendid renaissance buildings. Here, in Giancarlo’s apartment, it feels like you’re taking a step into the past. Our Cesarino lives right in the town centre, in a stunning 1500s building with original floors and ceilings that date back hundreds of years, filled with vintage furniture. Here, in this unique setting, Giancarlo is here to guide you through the traditions of ancient Bolognese cuisine. As a passionate traveller and wine expert, he has been nurturing a passion for his local cuisine for a long time, which “turns humble food into a true art form”. 
Emma D.
Bologna without its students is truly unimaginable. They fill the center with color and life at all hours of the day and night. It is here in a historic and elegant building located in the lively university area that we meet our Cesarina, Emma. Bologna is also a city of unmistakable tastes and culture, hospitality and ancient charm. All the same features that define Emma’s cooking. It is an art and a passion that our Cesarina has cultivated ever since she was a child, fascinated by her mother’s natural ability to combine various ingredients. Today, it is Emma who is doing the cooking. Every time she cooks, she feels alive and lighthearted, and the end results of preparing a dish gives her a sense of unparalleled satisfaction. Cooking for Emma comes naturally. It's such a spontaneous ritual that it’s no work at all.
Mario Antonio S.
Mario Antonio hails from a small town in the province of Lecce, and now, after years of living and working in Bologna, it is safe to say that he is completely Bolognese. Our Cesarino initially gained experience in the kitchens of Reggio Emilia while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, working in renowned restaurants in Bologna. Since childhood, he has always had a real love for cooking, and unlike his brothers, he was the only one willing to wake up at dawn to knead the bread dough with his grandmother.Perhaps, due to the valuable culinary traditions that the family has passed down over the years, his love of art has given way to that for the kitchen. At his home in the center of Bologna, Mario has set up a kitchen of medieval flavor, with stone dishes and hand-carved clay bowls. His kitchen is rich in details, such as the magnificent collection of glasses, some very old, inherited from many restaurateur friends and family.
Paola B.
Paola welcomes us into her loft in the heart of Bologna, a short walk from Piazza Maggiore and the main monuments. The street she lives on will lead you past medieval mansions, with centuries of history are hidden behind every corner. Paola's flat looks out over the typical red roofs of the city center of Bologna. An architect by profession, Paola likes to devote herself to cooking in her spare time. Her dishes are obviously rich in local tradition, with a focus on meat dishes and delicious vegetables.
Maria D.
Maria’s house is very close to Bologna’s botanic garden, one of the most ancient of Italy. It is situated in the university area of the city and is a pleasant spot in which to take a break and a breath of fresh air during a work day, or perfect for tourists looking for the green parts of Bologna. After visiting the botanic gardens and crossing through the university area, we indulge in a taste experience in this Cesarina’s house. Maria is originally from the Basilicata region in the south of Italy, but she has adopted the Bologna lifestyle and culinary traditions of its area, without at the same time forgetting her roots.
Patrizia D.
Patrizia, our Cesarina, lives in an historic street in Bologna. An area known for being lively and popular, it is full of typical Bolognese charm characterized by irregular porticos and yellow and red overlapping houses. An intimate and welcoming street, a kind of a city within a city, and a perfect starting point for those who prefer exploring the historic center of Bologna on foot.   Patrizia's house is cozy and elegant, and you can breathe the air of home, family and tradition. Tradition is the key word that distinguishes the culinary art of our Cesarina. She loves to cook local dishes prepared with a variety of homegrown products. Dishes like piadina, a thin Italian flatbread, served with cured meats or pumpkin squash prepared for the coldest winter days, and refreshing dishes filled with colorful seasonal vegetables for the hottest, Bolognese days, such as the dish par excellence, a type of Italian terrine known as galantina.  
Oriana A.
Oriana, our Cesarina, live within walking distance of one of the most historically rich and picturesque places in Bologna, the Basilica di Santo Stefano.  Here, in one of the most beloved areas of the historic town, by both Bolognese and tourists, Oriana introduce us to her family: Salvatore, her husband, and their four children that they love to pamper by cooking them healthy meals, while passing on the family recipes. Oriana is originally from Naples, but living in Bologna, she has learned how to make sfoglia, the typical local pasta, and ragù alla Bolognese. She delights in choosing the best cuts of meat to prepare her excellent bollito, or boiled meat, and for the smallest of her daughters, a lover of tortellini, she cooks this local pasta strictly in meat broth.
Franco M.
Bologna is a city rich in history and culture dating back hundreds of years, but it’s also young, fun and lively. Here under the Two Towers (symbol of Bologna) you can indulge in truly sinful cuisine!  Just like you can at the home of Cesarino Franco, who loves to cook, but above all loves to cook for other people. A passion for the culinary arts that was passed down to him from the women in his family. Cooking “is to take a journey back in time, through the flavors and scents of Sunday lunches enjoyed with family."
Caterina C.
At the home of our Cesarina Caterina you can enjoy lunch or dinner on a splendid roof terrace, with a panoramic view over the iconic red roofs of Bologna.  Caterina welcomes us in the heart of the city, to share her passion for cooking, handed down by her grandmother when she was a child. She loves hosting friends, Italian and foreign guests to share her culinary creativity with them. Caterina loves preparing traditional dishes, with the addition of a pinch of individuality, to end her menus with "sublime sweetness".
Luciana Z.
Cesarina Luciana lives just a few steps from Porta Saragozza. This porta or gate stands at the beginning of the famous 666-arch arcade, the longest in the world, leading to the Santuario di San Luca.  The gate is a point of reference for the Bolognese, a local welcome home.  You will also feel at home with Luciana as you breathe in the air of tradition, a tradition of family lunches, her grandmother's notebook of hand-written recipes to be handed down from generation to generation, of rolling out dough, of a steaming plate of tortellini...  
Mara B.
Mara's house looks out over the main entrance of Bologna's most famous park, the nineteenth-century Giardini Margherita, just a stone's throw away from the city's historic centre. It is a beautiful and picturesque area, where you can either choose to explore the calm lawns of the park, or wander through the crisp air of Via Santo Stefano's porticoed streets. When Mara was a little girl, she loved to watch her aunt, who was a renowned cook and hostess in a town near Bologna. Over time, Mara learned the culinary secrets that had been passed down through the generations of her family. Today she is passionately dedicated to researching and developing typical dishes from the Emilia region.  
Fabrizia T.
Just a few minutes away from Bologna’s historic centre, round the corner from the famous park Giardini Margherita, Fabrizia welcomes us into one of the city’s most beautiful and prestigious neighbourhoods. Fabrizia is originally from Mantova, and her love of cooking was passed down to her through her grandparents. “I grew up with them, my grandma was a fantastic cook, and by grandpa was a baker. He had a lovely vegetable garden, and he taught me to appreciate the scent of freshly picked fruit and vegetables.” Our Cesarina moved to Bologna with another cooking ‘maestro’, her husband, who taught her all the recipes of the bolognese family tradition: tortelloni, lasagne, friggione, cotoletta, tortellini, and so much more. For several years, Fabrizia has been honing her skills in the art of sourdough, which she loves using for both desserts and savoury dishes. “My table is a space for friends, I love cooking for people. Whoever comes to my house will be met with a warm welcome and wonderful food”. Fabrizia sources her ingredients from the finest local producers, for humble, traditional dinners full of unforgettable flavours.
Paola T.
Want to enjoy the finest flavours of one of the world’s most iconic cuisines, right at the city gates? You can! Paola lives at Porta San Felice, near Bologna’s original city walls. In this gorgeous and tranquil location, our Cesarina takes us on a journey through the flavours of Bologna’s local traditions, from mortadella to ragù alla bolognese.
Leda e Giuseppina L.
Leda and Giuseppina welcome us into their beautiful apartment just outside the walls of Bologna. Their home is full of art and antique furniture that Leda’s parents collected over the years. The walls are also decorated with Leda’s own artwork, as she loves to paint on her summer holidays, which she usually spends in Greece. Their passion for cooking spans back to childhood, when they would help their grandmothers make the Sunday lunch, a time of the week when the whole family comes together around the table. Their mothers, and shelves of cookery books have also helped Leda and Giuseppina to hone their skills. They both work in a medical research laboratory, and their professions have led them to contribute to publications that encourage healthy eating.
Luisa M.
Queen Margherita was the bride of King Umberto I who reigned from 1878 to 1900; the people of Bologna dedicated the most important park in the city to her, which is still known as the “Margherita gardens". On the eastern edge of the park is the house of Luisa who, together with her mother Maria Teresa, cultivates the typical flavors of the Italy of those days. Today, Luisa presents typical Bolognese dishes with the flavor of a voyage in the “nice times of the past”, when horses and carriages traveled through the Margherita gardens.
Marica B.
Bologna is the city of gastronomic culture par excellence: fresh pasta, mortadella and a passion for wine. Despite her origins in Rome and a youth spent in Sardinia, Marica’s cuisine is pervaded by the aromas of the Emilian tradition.Marica has lived in Bologna for over twenty years, and living in this world-famous gastronomic centre inspired her to learn its typical recipes. Our Cesarina, as well as being a 'true Italian', forged by a pastiche of assorted places, as she defines herself. She is now a blogger who successfully and passionately dedicates herself to passing on her experience in the field of traditional cuisine. 
Maria Grazia A.
Maria Grazia is a third-generation bolognese, and has been a passionate cook since childhood: “I’ve always loved eating, and my mother taught me how to really taste the food we made as I grew up”. In her house in the peaceful Mazzini neighbourhood, our Cesarina has so much to share, finds true joy in welcoming guests and delighting them with her warm and genuine hospitality. “Food is about so much more than simply eating, it’s a language, a vessel of knowledge, a link with nature and a joy to discover and share new traditions and techniques”. Maria Grazia’s menu is based on a few simple ingredients, which she transforms to a high-quality culinary experience. Her home has a happy and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for those who want to discover Italy in good company and enjoy Bologna’s culinary tradition, one that is constantly evolving but never loses touch with its roots.
Stefania I.
Stefania, one of our Cesarine, is Neapolitan in origin but has now lived in Bologna for 17 years. She’s been passionate about cooking ever since she was a little girl, having practically been born reading and practicing recipes from famous chefs and pastry chefs of past generations. She loves cooking in both the Neapolitan and Bolognese styles, and adores experimenting with new recipes. Imagination and presentation are an integral part of her dishes, as well as choosing the perfect location and creating an aesthetic setting for her meals.  
Eva V.
Eva, our Cesarina, loves to share her passion for cooking. A passion that combines her memories of the scent of her grandmother Nina's home, where she spent the afternoons when she was a child. In her beautiful home, immersed in the green hills of Bologna, Eva serves the traditional dishes from the Emilia region, prepared with care and attention in the search for quality staple ingredients. In some recipes you can find a small French influence, as Eva also has roots in France.
Julia K.
Julia, our Cesarina, is of Russian origin and has been living in Italy for some years with her family. In their hospitable and welcoming home, two great cultures and traditions meet: Italian and Russian. A mix that has also influenced Julia's cuisine, characterized by both international and Italian and above all local dishes. Dishes prepared with fresh and natural ingredients (especially vegetables taken directly from its small vegetable garden), with attention to detail and a perfect mise en place, always elegant in shabby, rustic or classic style. Her experience in the kitchen is rich and professional, constantly evolving, she loves experimenting with new recipes and new flavours.    
Chiara B.
Chiara welcomes us into her luminous home in Ristagno, which has a fabulous view over the Bolognese hills. Immersed in the green countryside, this small town on top of the wide valley between the Savena and Zena rivers. It is less than half an hour away from the winding porticoes of Bologna. Our Cesarina, a working professional, has always been a passionate cook in her spare time. This is a passion that has grown with the years thanks to her dedication and various cookery courses. “I still remember, when I was just a little girl, that I would watch my mother and grandmother making lasagne and tortellini at Christmas time. It was fascinating!” Chiara tells us, “I felt like a magician’s assistant when I helped them in the kitchen.” Even today, together with her partner Antonio, she often dedicates her time to making traditional, old-fashioned dishes – with a modern touch, of course!
Erika L.
We are at the foot of Monte Sole, in the land of Guglielmo Marconi, just a stone's throw from where the world’s first radio signal was transmitted. In this tiny paradise surrounded by greenery, located near a flowing river and a sunny beach, we meet Cesarina Erika, a lover of gardening and good food. At Erika's home, we can enjoy a culinary experience as a symbol of hospitality and lively exchange. She prepares traditional dishes according to family recipes, those handed down from generation to generation, and using local ingredients.

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