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Natalia B.
Venice, with its stunning architecture and countless canals, might be one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Our Cesarina Natalia’s sailboat is docked on land and gently lulled by the waters of the lagoon, and Natalia is ready to welcome her guests on board and make them experience the traditional venetian cuisine in an unquestionably unique location.
Patrizia D.
Patrizia lives in a beautiful and timeless place. An enchanted city, which attracts millions of tourists every year and is known for its beauty all over the world. Above all, it is a land filled with art and culture, even from a gastronomic point of view.Of course, we're talking about Venice, the city of a thousand canals. Our Cesarina welcomes us to the area of Saint Zaccaria, near the church of the same name, a magnificent renaissance building dating back to the 15th century. The main tourist attractions (piazza San Marco, la Basilica, il ponte dei Sospiri) are just a few hundred meters away and Patrizia’s home is also a great starting point for exploring vicoli del Castello, a less well known - but equally fascinating - area of Venice.
Margherita P.
Full of Calli (streets) and campielli (squares) alternating with countless picturesque views, the beautiful canals, and the crowds climbing relentlessly up and down over bridges, steps and walkways, Venice is a city that requires no presentation. Its name says it all. However, here in Venice, there is a place where you can still enjoy the sounds and smells emanating from the kitchens at lunchtime instead of just hearing the buzz of the crowds. We are in Cannaregio, where Cesarina Margherita lives. As we enter her cozy home, we are attracted by the kitchen, perfect down to the last detail, and by the table, rich with the season’s harvest. Margherita loves reading and writing (she recently published her first book) and, of course, good food. She prefers simple and traditional cooking tied to family traditions and to the dishes that her mother prepared.
Barbara G.
Cesarina Barbara welcomes you into her home with open arms. This breathtaking house is situated in the perfect location, right in the city centre, but sheltered from the hustle and bustle of the tourist hotspots. At her dinner table, you will be guided through the most evocative culinary traditions of the lagoon. “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved learning how to cook. I learned from my grandmother, who prepared traditional Venetian dishes with infinite wisdom: in fact, my grandparents ran a restaurant for many years, so I have always lived and breathed for making guests feel welcome. I love cooking for my friends and family, and over the years I’ve specialised in Venetian dishes, as they are so varied and full of flavour, a true expression of Venice’s precious and rich history.”Immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of the most famous canals in the world, where you will enjoy a timeless selection of traditional dishes. Only a magical city like Venice can promise such a special experience.
Enrico P.
The son of a farmer who was passionate about cooking, Enrico grew up in Venice, near the “barene”, Venice’s foggy and cold lagunas. Fishing, hunting, and agriculture are family activities in which he has become an expert over the years. Today, Enrico presents the recipes of his memory and the flavors that have accompanied him throughout his life.
Alessandra N.
Divided into nine islets, crossed by a wide canal, Murano is the island of glass blowing, an antique tradition. Still thriving today, entire generations of local glassmakers have kept this magical art alive.  In the atmosphere of a quiet lagoon, in a typical home with a garden overlooking the banks of the water, we meet our Cesarina, Alessandra, daughter of a Venetian mother and Neapolitan father. Alessandra grew up with the good fortune of being able to enjoy the typical dishes from these two wonderful cities. From the mise en place in the colors of summer to the more classic colors of winter, Alessandra’s table is rich in dishes full of Venetian flavors, but without forsaking little touches that recall the cuisine of her origins, the region of Campania.
Patrizia D.
Patrizia’s Venice is one to be discovered. Aside from her apartment right in the centre of la Serenissima, in fact, our Cesarina also owns an apartment on Venice’s Lido. Its poetry may be different from the typical imagery of the city of canals, however it is equally fascinating. Giudecca and San Marco are in the background, together with the many little islands which decorate the Laguna’s landscape. Here, just few steps away from open sea, we find the real maritime soul of these lands.The same that was able to create, over centuries, a culinary heritage of delicious typical dishes, often enriched with flavours from faraway lands.
Silvia M.
Although born in Trieste, Cesarina Silvia has lived in Venice ever since she was a child. Consequently, it is inevitable that she has a love for the sea and its bounty, which she enjoys cooking every day. Her cooking is characterized by a diet low in fat and rich in vitamins. In the past, she worked as a food and wine journalist, so she takes great care in combining food with the right wine. Each dish must always be accompanied by a good glass of wine! Today she is an artist, creating eighteenth century costumes for fashion shows, a passion that links her to her beloved Venice and an innate creativity that we can admire and taste in her cooking.  
Clara M.
"Cooking has always been my passion. I particularly like to cook with seasonal ingredients and invent new recipes using ingredients found at home. My most loyal supporters are my grandchildren, who particularly appreciate the dishes I prepare. I always have many friends to dinner or lunch and in the warmer months, the garden is the perfect setting for many meals." With these words, Clara tells us how she developed her love for cooking; starting with local products, our Cesarina prepares delicious dishes reinterpreting traditional Venetian recipes.
Caterina P.
Our Cesarina Caterina, who is the daughter of a sommelier and of a member of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, lives only a few kilometers from the joys of Venice, in the delightful city of Mirano. “The traditional cuisine of the venetian inland and my vocation for food were transmitted to me by my mother and a whole generation of women who view cooking not only as a daily task but as an occasion for passion, research and love.”
Teresa B.
Marilena B.
Marilena has fun in the kitchen, and you can taste her passion in her cooking. Our Cesarina doesn't cook for herself, but for others, to see the look of pure satisfaction on her guests’ faces.Marilena has lived in Sicily, Puglia and Veneto. She has maintained a deep connection with these areas, and the three souls of their cuisines can be found in her cooking: the refined cooking inspired by Sicily, the typical Mediterranean cooking linked to the Apulian tradition and, finally, the full-bodied flavours of the Venetian Plain, all of which all add to the Taste Experience's unique character. 
Virginia P.
Padua is a jewel of the North, with its canals, green spaces and beautiful historic buildings. Our Cesarina Virginia, teacher by day and a hobby cook and sommelier by night lives just outside the walls of the stunning historic center: “I love cooking and welcoming guests into my home, but I also organize events in outdoor locations”.
Monica D.
Monica invites us into her house in Crocetta del Montello, which is in the beautiful Marca Trevigiana area. It is a bountiful land which sees a harvest of Chiodini mushrooms in August, radicchio di Treviso in the winter months, and in the spring, asparagus. There are beautiful wild forests, known as the “Marca gioiosa” which has many wonderful surprises in store for food and wine lovers. The nearby Valdobbiadene, with its perfectly positioned hills, is famous for its wine. Our Cesarine is a spokesperson for this region’s produce, although she is originally from Milan. Her love of cooking was passed down by her father, uncle and grandfather, who she loved preparing meatballs and traditional dishes with on festival days.  Her exemplary cooking technique played a part when she met her husband, who was blown away by her food. Together, they love travelling and tasting new food wherever they go.

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