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Roberta C.
Roberta’s house is at the half-way point between the Duomo and the Basilica of Sant-Ambrogio, about ten minutes from Milan’s main attractions by metro. If you’re having a day out in Milan, this is in the perfect position for you to come by and taste Milan’s typical flavours. Roberta welcomes us into her house in Milan’s historic centre to take us on a marvellous journey through the city’s finest dishes. This Cesarina has been honing her cooking skills since her school days; “I started to become curious about local recipes with one of my best friends when we were little. Ever since then, my passion for cooking has been growing. I love spending time enjoying the flavours, and it really helps me to relax.”
Emanuela N.
The center of Milan, a crossroads of colors, sounds, life ... Here, just a few steps from the Duomo, in a home of traditional Milanese charm, we meet Cesarina Emanuela. Emanuela is a lover of design, a passionate reader of cookbooks, and a great follower of several food bloggers. Born in Milan but with Tuscan origins, her passion for cooking varies between Tuscan and Lombard cuisine. The latter is also thanks to her born and bred Milanese sister-in-law who, over the years, has passed on the family recipes, such as their secretly guarded ragù ubriaco, which we can experience at Emanuela’s table, along with many other Milanese delicacies….. that absolutely must be tasted!
Maddalena M.
Maddalena has always had a true passion for traditional Lombardo cooking. Between traditional recipes, books on typical dishes and cookery courses, this Cesarina also became a partner at a cooking school. With time, she became a true expert of Milanese gastronomy, even giving lectures on the subject at The University of the Third Age. Today she welcomes us into her home in the centre of Milan, a stone’s throw away from the famous Quadrilatero della Moda and Porta Garibaldi. Milan’s main attractions, such as the Pinacoteca di Brera, La Scala and the Duomo al Castello Sforzesco are just a short walk from her appartment– or a metro ride, if you’re feeling a bit lazy. Maddalena’s house is basically the perfect place to start discovering the city.
Clara e Vania F.
There is a unique and unforgettable district in Milan called Porta Venezia, where history, architecture, creativity and innovation all come together. Creativity and innovation are, moreover, the characteristics that distinguish our Cesarine, Clara and Vania, a mother and daughter who have always enjoyed a passion for the culinary arts. Clara grew up with a mom who prepared fresh pasta every Sunday and her father had a bread bakery in Pienza, Tuscany. Vania has transformed her passion for cooking into a real profession. After working for years in restaurant kitchens, even Michelin-starred ones, she began a career in restaurant management. She also loves fusion and contemporary cuisine, a love that has pushed her to travel to learn the techniques and secrets of traditions in other countries, but while always staying true to the Milanese gastronomic tradition.
Ramona R.
Cesarina Ramona’s home is located in an apartment in the heart of Milan, just a few steps from Porta Venezia. From here, you can easily reach the city center, crossing the Indro Montanelli park and perhaps enjoy an artistic-cultural stop at Palazzo Reale. For Ramona, cooking is an integral part of her life, as everything revolves around food. That's why she decided to attend cooking classes. She had the desire to turn this passion into a real art. She loves a group of lively people seated around an elegant table, full of dishes and satisfied smiles. In her bright open kitchen, she likes to be at work in front of the stove. She finds it pleasant to cook while she chats with her guests.
Alessandra Maria Cristina K.
Alessandra was born and raised in Milan, she lives in the city center, a city that amazes for the emotions it can give: it's modern, lively, full of beauty and artistic works. Milan is, of course, also cuisine and tradition that we can discover and enjoy at the home of our Cesarina. Alessandra loves cooking for her family and friends, she likes to propose inherited recipes and to try out new dishes.    
Nicoletta B.
Nicoletta welcomes us into her elegant home near the Duomo di Milano. Originally from Mantova, this Cesarina learned to cook at the age of nine, enthusiastically helping her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. She still has fond memories of perfecting the classic pasta ‘tortelli di zucca’ for the first time. Her cooking has a strong Mantovan influence, with strong and simple flavours. An untiringly passionate cook, Nicoletta has managed to transform her passion for cooking into a sucessful career, which allows her to make the most out of her creativity every day.
Nicoletta e Fabio N.
The Milanese Cesarini couple Nicoletta and Fabio reinterpret the culinary traditions of their regions of origin: Emilia Romagna and Lazio. Indomitable travelers and lovers of their own home, both journalists and cooking enthusiasts, this solid Milanese couple toils together over the stovetop, “even taking the risk of having an argument.” Nicoletta and Fabio’s kitchen translates culinary influences from the regions of their family members into”Milanese.” In their beautiful home, food becomes a joyous trail that embraces diners sitting around Nicoletta’s elegantly set table, where you can admire the beautiful embroidered tablecloths that the Cesarina has inherited from her family.
Annamaria V.
Cesarina Annamaria welcomes us to her home on the seventh floor of an elegant building in the Città Studi district. Parks and gardens cross the neighborhood and different generations live together in close contact. Here you can browse in both old and trendy shops and the art galleries themselves are small gems to discover. "Milan is a beautiful city that is undergoing change. Skyscrapers are replacing the old houses with their characteristic railing, but despite everything, it is still my Milan." This is how Annamaria describes her city. Although slowly changing face, the culture is still strongly linked to the history at its roots, as is the culinary art of our Cesarina who adores Lombardy cuisine. On occasion, she enjoys making her own small variations, since she likes to soften the ancient recipes with the lightness of healthier flavors and ingredients. We begin this culinary experience with a true Lombardy menu including gastronomic combinations that recall the colder seasons, such as the Cassuola, a traditional dish prepared in the month of November, and the tagliatelle con porcini prepared in September. Afterward, a gastronomic tour of the Lombardy countryside where mundeghili, a dish of fried meatballs already known in the time of Manzoni, has us fully appreciate the rural area of the Po Valley.  
Maria Gabriella A.
Milan is a city unique in its kind, because it manages to breathe the international air typical of modern times, without however ever losing its Italian soul. It’s here that Maria Gabriella has lived for a few years “In 2017 I left everything behind to take a professional cooking course in Milan. In these years I have changed my understanding of tourism and I have become more and more aware that when I travel I wish to live authentic moments, like the experiences of the local population”. Our Cesarina has therefore decided to promote the riches of her city, opening her home up to travelers in order to teach them about Milan’s gastronomic history. 
Roberta R.
In the stunning capital of the Lombardy region, Milan, our Cesarina Roberta opens the doors of her gorgeous apartment close to the historic center, to all the lovers of the cuisine of the region. “I like cooking, sampling new flavors, pairing different ingredients and personalizing dishes.”
Marco C.
Milan, dynamic city and breeding ground of new trends and experiences, and from a culinary point of view, as well. This is where Marco welcomes us into his characteristic apartment, located in a historical building dating from the early nineteen hundreds and furnished in vintage style. It is here where Marco is preparing a unique culinary experience for us to enjoy.  Having grown up in a family with a strong and principled culinary tradition, our Cesarino has always had a passion for the local cuisine. Marco is attentive to tradition but also expresses his creativity by reworking traditional recipes, and he always combines them with selected natural wines. Thanks to Marco's exuberance, enjoying a meal at his table is always full of energy and fun. His creative inspiration is also apparent in the table setting, which is colorful and elegant.  
Donatella P.
Donatella, our Cesarina, is a sociable person who loves to welcome guests to share her local traditions and customs and to offer a cuisine that is full of love. She grew up with grandparents from Piedmont and Lombardy, two regions famed for their rich cuisine, so it was not difficult for Donatella to inherit the taste for good food. Since childhood, she has nourished this passion. Her recipes are a mix of both regions that, sometimes, are influenced and enriched by the careful selection of the ingredients. Donatella loves buying produce directly from small, preferably organic producers and farmers, or from local markets, a constant source of inspiration to try out new dishes.    
Roberta F.
Roberta welcomes us into her Milanese apartment, well furnished and surrounded by greenery. From the windows one can admire the steeples of the Duomo and the skyline of this Lombard capital. Since she stopped traveling the world as a photographer, our Cesarina devotes much of her spare time to Lombard gastronomy. She is on a journey to discover the traditional dishes of the metropolis in an act of love for her city. "At home, we have always had tasty cuisine, but with special attention to the choice of ingredients; I love going to buy directly from the farmers." A way of "offering the best quality."
Barbara C.
Barbara, our Cesarina who was born and raised in Milan, has always been passionate about gastronomy: she loves cooking and she likes to read about it too. If you need any advice just ask her: her library contains over 400 books of recipes, history of culinary art, and foodie romances. She inherited from her grandmother a 1918 copy of the “Science in the Kitchen” by Artusi (in turn inherited from the great-grandmother) and a 1938 copy of Carli’s recipe book. These texts, with the inclusion of the epic 1970 ‘Nonna Papera’s Manual’, have been a source of inspiration for Barbara since she was a little girl and her grandmother would cook gnocchi with ragout, cassoeula (a savoy cabbage and pork dish) with polenta, and cutlet cooked Milanese style! And as a young girl she would practice with her Easy-Bake oven with which she made mini pizzas and cakes on the daily. In the nineties she was a pastry chef, she opened a laboratory/bakery and to this day continues mass-producing desserts and more for friends and family!
Renata Maria C.
 Renata Maria's dinner table is all about conviviality, love of food and good conversation. Our Cesarina welcomes us into her home in Milan, a stone's throw away from the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie, to share her passion and memories of her family's culinary tradition. "As a child I always watched my grandmothers in the kitchen, their mastery and local traditions have always fascinated me as they're so different: one was from Milan, the other Sardinian, but they had the same passion... I can still smell the aroma of figs, apples and quinces from the orchard in Sardinia and can still recall the taste of mushrooms with polenta from the house on Lake Como. These traditions have enchanted me ever since."   
Natalia Pia R.
  Natalia began to love cooking when she started learning how to cook by herself, as she made use of the culinary wisdom passed down by her mother and grandmother.  She serves a taste of Apulian cuisine in her elegant home in the center of Milan where you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere and the flavours of her humble cuisine.   
Sissi Z.
«I love buying my groceries at the farmers markets. They are becoming increasingly frequent in my neighborhood and I can find the best vegetables there». Sissi is a real perfectionist: she pays great attention to the details of her dinner table and cares deeply about food quality, its origins and its preparations. Our Cesarine welcomes you in her lovely and luminous house, immersed in the tranquility of the milanese suburbs.  «I feel as if I’m surrounded by nature, even though we're in the city».
Antonia T.
Antonia, our Cesarina, welcomes us into her home in the heart of Milan, very close to Santa Maria delle Grazie. This church is an impressive architectural work and it's the house of the famous fresco by Leonardo da Vinci, the Cenacolo. In this characteristic corner of the city, Antonia invites us to taste the traditional recipes of Milanese cuisine, enriched by an artistic touch in the preparation of desserts, thanks to her profession as a cake designer.
Annamaria C.
A cook both professionally and for pleasure, our Cesarina Annamaria boasts many culinary experiences both in Italy and various parts of the world. “my cooking combines tradition, health and a great attention to the ingredients and lightness of dishes”. Situated between the dynamic university neighborhood of Cittá Studi and the more residential Lambrate, Annamaria’s home is on the top floor of a stunning building and has a dining room surrounded by a gorgeous veranda with a view of the roofs of the city.    
Laura S.
Milan is a versatile and dynamic city, one of the world’s fashion capitals, and has a local cuisine full of intense and refined flavours. It’s a city that is certainly worth exploring! Laura welcomes us into her beautiful home which looks over the park of Ticello, in a calm corner of the city. Our Milanese Cesarina loves spending time in the kitchen, and serves up a sophisticated take on milanese cuisine, surprising her guests with the wonderful flavours of her city. Guests at her house should be ready to enjoy some unexpected flavours!
Marco S.
Marco, one of our Cesarine, welcomes us in a gorgeous country house not far from Milan. It’s a quiet area, immersed in greenery, where we can sample genuine, creative dishes which have been made with ingredients sourced exclusively from the local Po Valley territory. “My constant search for the primary ingredients of the land started in my many travels.” In his modern and spacious kitchen, which is also perfect for cooking classes, Marco loves to cook and tell us little anecdotes and stories about his childhood that have sparked his passion for cooking. “My grandparents who owned a delicatessen, my dad who still cooks aged 84, and my innately fine palate are the founding roots of my interest and passion.” A passion which later was able to evolve thanks to long sojourns in various parts of the world, from Japan to USA and India to England; which have made him discover new flavors and culinary traditions.
Patrizia P.
Patrizia welcomes us in her home in Paderno Dugnano, a municipality at the doors of Brianza, a zone included between the province in the North of Milan and the Lecco-Como Lake.The gastronomy in Brianza has a sober nature, it proposes dishes and preparations that come from a mixture of simple ingredients, from traditional farming customs. A cuisine made of sturdy, nourishing and cheap dishes, which Patrizia preserves passing down some of the most characteristic recipes.
Patrizia N.
Our Cesarina, Patrizia, lives in an ancient farmhouse of the 1800s, between Milan and Pavia. A place called “Il Cason”, destined for production of butter, surrounded by flowers, fruit trees and courtyard animals. It is here that Patrizia would increase her strong passion for traditional cooking, inherited from an aunt. Her willingness to know the local cuisine, brought her to get close to the elderly country housewives, some of them were “mondine” (female workers in the paddy fields), who taught her how to prepare typical dishes of the zone. Culinary art, for our Cesarina, is a ritual that remakes ancient farming customs, like when cooking the goose during Christmas period was considered a “special event”.
Paola L.
Paolo welcomes us at the foot of the rolling Alpine foothills, in a small town of Brianza. A region, she tells us, that is characterized by "its great variety of landscapes: from lake to mountain, rivers to plains," as well as its "great bounty of raw materials for the kitchen."Our Cesarina knows it well, as her table is never missing the culinary elements characteristic of the area, "On my menu there are always meats and cheeses; minestrone, hot or cold; and all the recipes characteristic of the Milanese: risotto, polenta, pie..." Simply cuisine, in short - easy to prepare, hearty and nutritious.
Andrea e Nausika A.
An elegant 1925 Art Nouveau villa, located in the hills near Lake Como, meals that come from a love of hospitality and cooking. We are at the home of our Cesarini, Andrea and Nausika. Both enjoy a passion for cooking that has been cultivated since they were children. Andrea spent entire days with a grandmother who focused on her painting (now his home is full of her paintings), while his other grandmother prepared delicious dishes. Born and bred in Romagna, his grandmother prepared piadina daily and homemade pasta, rolling it out by hand without giving it a second thought, along with many other traditional dishes. It was natural for Andrea to stand by her side and learn the secrets of her region’s cuisine. Nausika remembers the typical 'holiday' dishes handed down by her mother, whose origins are rooted in Cremasca, mixing sweet and savory tastes. From her grandmother Lina, on the other hand, she learned how to cultivate a vegetable garden, starting from seed, and the art of preserves that the entire family made together, a moment of great joy.
Morena M.
Morena gives us a taste Experience dedicated to the flavors of the Como cuisine and some typical Larian dishes; the "Larian Triangle" is the area between the two branches of Lake Como and the southern hills between Como and Lecco. In this area, compared to many traditional foods of Northern Italy, the local cuisine is very diverse: in addition to rice, corn and potatoes, there is extensive use of coarse grains, buckwheat and chestnuts; as far as meat, white meat or venison is preferred and freshwater fish is also often used.This cuisine is characteristically original, particularly for the choice of condiments: the favorites are butter and lard, staples in the Po area tradition, contrasted with the abundant use of locally produced olive oil, as well as linseed, walnut and rapeseed vegetable oils.
Anna C.
Cernobbio is a quaint village nestled between the splendor of Lake Como and the nearby mountains. An area in which nature, history and art are inseparably connected. A place that manages to evoke innumerable emotions, images and literary memories, from Plinio to Foscolo, from Stendhal to Manzoni. "That branch of Lake Como ..." is therefore the perfect opening words to present Anna, our Cesarina, who welcomes us to her splendid home, surrounded by greenery and with a view, of course, of the lake. Anna tells us how her Cesarina adventure began: "everything started a bit for fun. We organized dinners with friends, voting for the best dish. Then with a friend, we started organizing themed dinners and now, with the support of my mother, who is an excellent cook, I'm a Cesarina!" An excellent Cesarina, who loves to cook dishes full of 'flavors from the lake,’ accompanied by fresh vegetables from the garden. She then alternates these wonderful fish dishes with fanciful recipes created using ingredients from the nearby mountains.

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